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Align Your Practices to Demand


We help agencies and organizations align their programs and policies with labor market demand; conducting expert and employer interviews and focus groups, and customer needs assessments. Recent examples include:

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Cohort Learning Session #1

Project Kickoff Meeting on September 24, 2013

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Siting Analysis

<(January 2011)

The New York City Department of Small Businesses asked the NYCLMIS to perform geographic analyses that would inform the placement of 10 new Workforce1 Expansion Center. NYCLMIS mapped concentrations of service - people served and placed in jobs by the City's Workforce1 Career and Sector Centers - and need - individuals receiving Unemployment Insurance(using aggregate records obtained from the New York State Department of Labor). The results showed an overall alignment of service to need, even at the peak of the recession and identified strategic locations where additional sites could further improve service.


Making New York's Workforce Development System More Accountable

Hosted by Center for an Urban Future and NYATEP

How wage reporting data can help the state measure the success of its workforce development system


This event was generously supported by the Working Poor Families Project.


Featured panelists included:

  • Hon. Nily Rozic, State Assemblywoman, NYS Assembly Labor Committee
  • Lesley Hirsch, Director, New York City Labor Market Information Service
  • Melinda Mack, Executive Director, NYATEP
  • Todd Oldham, Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development, SUNY Monroe Community College
  • Jeff Sorensen, Research Specialist, NYS Department of Labor

Moderated by Christian Gonzalez-Rivera, Research Associate, Center for an Urban Future.

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