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Career Exploration Guides

These guides incorporate up-to-date and accessible labor market data and industry-vetted sector descriptions in a style that is engaging and can help people envision and plan for their future.

CUNY CareerKit

Careers in Health Information


Brochures for Mapping Your
Future Career In:



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CUNY CareerKit

(Released SY 2016-2017)


The CUNY CareerKit Project is designed to support a range of literacy programming as it intersects with career exploration, planning and preparation. Using a pedagogy of inquiry and discovery, each sector-based CareerKit presents a range of lessons, activities and resources that support the continued acquisition of basic language and literacy skills in the broad context of work. It is designed to be used by literacy professionals who help students learn about and navigate career choices. NYCLMIS provided contextual labor market data for this project.


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Planning Your Career in
Health Information

(Released March 2015)


What are the employment opportunities in the emerging Health Information field? Health information jobs are a good option for detail-oriented people who want to work in the growing healthcare industry, but who prefer not to work hands-on with patients.

The New York City Labor Market Information Service (NYCLMIS) and the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH) are pleased to release a brand new product, Planning Your Career in Health Information, a user-friendly guide to careers in health information management and technology.

The guide takes the reader through the various stages of managing health information - from gathering and recording to assuring data quality, billing, and analyzing – and details the occupations, salaries, education and experience requirements, and the career paths within and across these stages.  The information technology section looks specifically at the jobs in hardware, software, and cyber-security within healthcare institutions.  All of this is complemented by a table outlining health information management and technology certificate and degree programs at City University of New York colleges and community based organizations, including options for stacking credentials where applicable.

Planning Your Career in Health Information is a tool for job-seekers, incumbent workers, job developers, career counselors, educators, administrators, and human resource personnel.  The guide demystifies the job opportunities and career ladders within this field of growing importance to the healthcare sector, helping New Yorkers and the workforce development community to plan accordingly. Download a printer-friendly version of the brochure. 

Research and graphic design for this new brochure was funded by the New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH) and made possible by a grant from the Leon Lowenstein Foundation.

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Career Exploration Brochures
Career Pathway Learning to Work

(prepared for the NYC Department of Education)


NYCLMIS and Grant Associates created 12 career pathway brochures for youth and young adults to explore opportunities in some of New York City’s top industries. Moving forward, there will be additional brochures; together, they will be a part of a larger effort to infuse career exploration and preparation into New York City public school students’ academic experiences.

The goal of the project is to open students’ eyes to the thousands of jobs unknown to those outside the industry, to strengthen their understanding of the requirements for different jobs, and to reinforce the idea that increased levels of education, training, and experience lead to advancement, higher salaries and broader opportunities for career fulfillment. 

The 12 brochures created to date are


Public Service


Supply Chain Management


Community and Social Services






Culinary and Food Services


All About Money: Financial and Accounting Services


Building and Maintaining Green Buildings


Health Care: Beyond Hospitals and Nursing Homes


Media and Advertising


Travel and Transportation


Information Technology


The New York City
Labor Market Information Service