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Jobs Reports

For workforce and education professionals, a deep understanding of the labor market and the jobs they are helping to prepare their clients and students for starts with relevant, detailed, and up-to-date information. Over the years, NYCLMIS has prepared a series of jobs reports to help our colleagues make data-driven decisions.

In our latest incarnation, The NYC Quarterly Labor Market Brief, we blend the most popular components of past reports with new information about occupations, industries, commuting patterns, demographics and more. Scroll down to learn more.

NYC Quarterly Labor Market Brief

(Multiple Releases)


This quarterly report combines multiple data sources to provide education and workforce development professionals with timely data about jobs, industries, in-demand skills, and workers in New York City and its five boroughs. This report is made possible with the generous support of The NYC Workforce Funders.


February 2019 Release
Full Report Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan
NYC Only Queens Staten Island  
Past Releases
November 2018 August 2018 May 2018  
Q2 2017 Q1 2017    



Questions? Contact Jaclyn Kelly, Deputy Director,

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