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We produce an array of customized information tools for jobseekers and the practitioners who help them, such as career maps, career exploration brochures, occupational profiles, employment reports and more. These products are intended to help strengthen connections between jobseekers and employers through providing data-driven insights into labor market demand. Explore our menu below to view these products. Visit our Partners page to learn how you can work with us to create tools best suited to your needs.


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Career Pathway
Career Exploration Brochures


These brochures incorporate up-to-date and accessible labor market data and industry-vetted sector descriptions in a style that is engaging and can help people envision and plan for their future. Check out our full line of brochures.


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Career Maps


In partnership with Kingsborough Community College, CUNY Central Office, and seven other CUNY Campuses, NYCLMIS is creating several career maps that explore popular occupations and illustrate their common career progressions. Check out our full line of maps.


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Jobs Reports


For workforce and education professionals, a deep understanding of the labor market and the jobs they are helping to prepare their clients for starts with relevant, detailed, and up-to-date information. Over the years, NYCLMIS has prepared a series of jobs reports to help our colleagues make data-driven decisions.

In our latest incarnation, The NYC Quarterly Labor Market Overview, we blend the most popular components of past reports with new information about occupations, industries, commuting patterns, demographics and more. Check out our full line of jobs reports.


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Real-Time LMI Tools


Real-time labor market information (LMI) fills an unmet need for current and geographically specific information about employer demand, as well as occupational and skill needs in the labor market. Check out our array of information tools that help us tease out valuable information about labor supply and demand that is not easily gleaned from traditional sources of LMI.


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Career Profiles


Using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge labor market information sources, NYCLMIS regularly profiles occupations and industry groups of interest to NYC workforce practitioners. Check out our occupational profiles.


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In-Demand Occupations


Eligible jobseekers and dislocated workers may qualify for federal funds to pay for job training so long as those programs train in careers that are “in-demand.” This designation is intended to help focus public resources in a way that is responsive to state and local employment training needs and goals. We have worked with the NYC Workforce Investment Board to distinguish those occupations that offer enough value to jobseekers be worthy of public investment. Learn which jobs make the cut and why.

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