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NYCLMIS Middle-Skill Research
Featured in Port Authority Podcast

September 2017



The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is charged with the responsibility to plan and build the landmark projects that support economic growth in the region. An important part of its mission is keeping the people who live and work in this dynamic region informed on topics of interest to the region through a regular podcast.

In the latest episode (Episode 23), Christopher Eshleman interviews Senior Research Associate, Ofronama Biu and Director, Lesley Hirsch, on NYCLMIS' latest research on middle-skill occupations, why it matters, and the state of supply and demand in New York City and the region. You can listen to the podcast here.


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The Supply of and Demand for Middle-Skill Jobs in
New York City: Focus on Health Care

Year One Report, Summer 2017



NYCLMIS is pleased to present The Supply of and Demand for Middle-Skill Jobs in New York City: Focus on Healthcare. The purpose of this first annual report is to help education and workforce providers and funders to understand the balance between the supply of and demand for middle-skill jobs in New York City. This report focuses on middle-skill occupations in healthcare. Findings for all other middle-skill occupations are reported in aggregate by major occupational group.

The report should inform providers' decisions about which occupational programs should be considered for contraction, streamlining, or maintenance at current enrollment levels.

NYCLMIS produced this report and provided the underlying research for the project. The primary authors are Ofronama Biu and Lesley Hirsch. Pam Hoberman, Kasey Zapatka, and Yuemeng Zhang contributed to the report and related research activities. James Orr served as a consultant on this project, reviewing the literature on similar studies and providing invaluable advice. NYCLMIS is also grateful for the support of members of the technical and stakeholder advisory boards, whose names can be found in the full report.

Funding for this research was provided by the New York Community Trust, the New York City Workforce Funders, and the New York City Workforce Development Board.

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Projecting the Supply of and Demand for
Middle-Skill Occupations in Local Areas:

A Literature Review, Summer 2017



This literature review surveys methods in projecting supply and demand for middle-skill occupations in the aggregate and in four local areas—Wisconsin, Texas, the Greater Houston metropolitan area, and a 10-county region in Western New York State. The studies offer several options for identifying middle-skill mismatches in local areas, ranging from strict numerical differences between projected supply and demand to a comparison of supply and demand growth rates.

This literature review was written by Dr. James Orr, who served as a consultant for the NYC Labor Market Information Service. The findings informed The Study of the Supply of and Demand for Middle-Skill Jobs in New York City.

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CUNY TechWorks

Last Updated: April 2017



This spring, CUNY launched a multi-year initiative, CUNY TechWorks, to help participating community colleges develop or expand their programs in web development, software applications development, and network support. These continuing education programs are designed to equip students with the skills they need to enter these jobs and to help them lay a foundation on which they can continue on with their studies to build careers in the field.

Participating community colleges include Kingsborough, Queensborough Community College, and the Borough of Manhattan. NYCLMIS joins CUNY TechWorks as a research partner, lending guidance and expertise in program alignment to labor market demand.

Over the course of this initiative, NYCLMIS will conduct research and develop materials from it to help inform program development and career planning.



Skills Mapping Workshops

NYCLMIS is organizing a series of interactive Skills Mapping Workshops this Spring, beginning in April 2017. Through these facilitated workshops, participants will identify the most sought after skills within the relevant occupations to help the community colleges prioritize the development of these essential skills as they plan or revise IT curricula and work-based learning opportunities. Participants will reach a consensus on (1) industry-valued skillsets; (2) the workforce/industry context of these skills; (3) the levels of proficiency; and (4) assessment methodologies.

Participants consist of hiring managers and other industry experts and faculty from the campus. Participants will attend two workshops and offer feedback between sessions using online tools.

If you’d like to help CUNY better prepare students for employment in the tech sector, please fill out this Google form or directly contact Ofronama Biu at or 212.817.2034.


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