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Exploring Careers in Green Buildings
Occupational Profile: Property Manager
Spotlight on Green Jobs
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Exploring Careeres in
Building and Maintaining Green Buildings


(Releases: School Year 2012-2013)


For several years, NYCLMIS partnered with the NYC Department of Education to produce a series of career exploration brochures. This brochure explore careers in building and maintaining green buildings. Click here to learn more and explore other brochures in the series.


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Profile: Property Manager

(Released July 2016)

A property manager is a person or firm hired by the owner of a real estate property to help run its day-to-day operations. They keep the property functional, well-maintained and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Much of this work is hands-on and can be time-consuming, which is why owners often rely on others to carry it out.

Because all properties are not the same, property manager roles and responsibilities will vary. Accordingly, education and training needs are as diverse as the role of the property manager. Click here to learn more about, pay, prospects, qualifications, pathways to advancement and other important attributes. This profile was made possible with support from Kingsborough Community College.

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Spotlight on Green Jobs

(Released November 2011)

In collaboration with the New York State Department of Labor, the NYCLMIS prepared profiles of 10 of occupations found in the state's green economy. The profiles were produced as part of the larger Statewide Green Jobs Study. Related profiled occupations include:


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Related: Professional & Technical

Some jobs in this field may also be considered Professional and Technical Services. Click here to explore our research into this field.

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