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Exploring Careers in Fashion
Profile on Jobs in Grocery Stores
Profile on Customer Service Representative
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Career Exploration Brochures

(Release: School Year 2013-2014)


For several years, NYCLMIS partnered with the NYC Department of Education to produce a series of career exploration brochures, including jobs in Fashion. Click here to learn more and explore other brochures in the series.


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Profile: Jobs in Grocery Stores

(Released May 2009)

In our report, Gauging Employment Prospects in New York City, 2009, we profiled nine industry groups of great interest to New York City's labor market and public workforce system. These profiles contain information about jobs and wage trends, largest local employers, employment retention during previous recessions, occupational opportunities, and workforce facts. Click here to learn more about the research and findings for jobs in grocery stores.

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Profiles on Customer Service Representatives
in Transportation

(Released September 2008)

In 2008, NYCLMIS conducted a study on New York City's Transportation Sector. In addition to a final report, we also profiled several jobs, including one that may also be considered part of leisure and hospitality, Customer Service Representatives.

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Related: Creative

Some jobs in this field may also be part of the creative economy. Click here to explore our research into this field.

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