A list of our alumni can be found below.

For full dissertations, please visit CUNY's Academic Works for dissertations from 2014-present or the Mina Rees Library for dissertations prior to 2014.  

The Graduate Center's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness makes data available on alumni through Tableau. For Mathematics, data shows:

  • In recent years (since 2014-15), 8-15 doctoral degrees have been awarded annually. 
  • The current (as of Fall 2021) median time-to-degree is 5.9 years (by graduation year).
  • Graduates (2003-2016) work in following job sectors: education (85%) and private (10%).


Alumnus/Alumnae Advisor Dissertation
Michael Ferguson Khalid Bou-Rabee A Stronger Strong Schottky Lemma for Euclidean Buildings


Alumnus/Alumnae Advisor Dissertation
Evangelia Antonakos Artemov, S. Forms of Explicit Common Knowledge
Anbo Chen Jordan, B. Involutions in Arithmetic Geometry
Tao Chen Jiang, Y. Geometric Characterization and Dynamics Entire Functions
Subir Dhamoon Rosen, J. The Differentiability of Renormalized Triple Intersection Local Times
Viveka Erlandsson    Basmajian, A. Margulis Region in Hyperbolic 4-Space
Ozgur Evren Basmajian, A. The Length Spectrum Metric on the Teichmuller Space of a Flute Surface
Joseph Hirsh   Terilla, J. Derived Noncommutative Deformation Theory
Francisco Jiménez López Hu, J. Length Spectrum Metric an Modified Length Spectrum Metric on Teichmüller Spaces
Sayad Lakzian Sormani, C. Smooth Convergence Away from Singular Sets and Intrinsic Flat Continuity of Ricci Flow
Whanki Lee   Kossak, R. Models Generated by Indiscernibles
Norman Perlmutter Hamkins, J. Inverse Limits of Models of Set Theory and the Large Cardinal Hierarchy Near a High-Jump Cardinal
Brian Stout Szpiro, L. Dynamical Shafarevich Results for Rational Maps
Robert Suzzi Valli Basmajian, A. Non-Simple Closed Geodesics on 2-Orbifolds
Louis Thrall    Bendersky, M. Trees, Prisms, and a Quillen Model Structure on Prismatics Sets
Benjamin Baumer A. Bar-Noy Strip Sensor Cover: Maximizing Network Lifetime on an Interval
Michael Beck Jiang, Y. & S. Mitra Normal Families and Monodromies of Holomorphic Motions
Michael Carlisle Rosen, J. Late Points of Projections of Planar Symmetric Random Walks on the Lattice Torus
Yimao Chen   Karp, L. Uniqueness Theorem for Some Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Brent Cody Hamkins, J. Some Results on Large Cardinals and the Continuum Function
Jeanne Funk Hoobler, R. The Witt Ring of a Smooth Curve with Good Reduction Over a Local Field
Maggie Habeeb Kahrobaei, D. Groups, Complexity, Cryptology
Kwang Hyun Kim Kolyvagin, V. On the Rank of 2-primary Part of Selmer Group of Certain Elliptic Curves
Charalambos Koupparis Kahrobaei, D. Non-commutative Cryptography: Diffie-Hellman an CCA Secure Cryptosystems using Matrices over Groups Rings and Digital Signatures
Charles Li Schoutens, H. Dual Graphs and Poincare Series of Valuations
Oleg Muzician Hu, J. Conformally natural Extensions of Continuous Circle Maps
Rebecca Steiner Miller, R. Reducibility, Degree Spectra, and Lowness in Algebraic Structure
Sergei Artamoshin Dodziuk, J. Geometric Interpretation of the Two-Dimensional Poisson Kernel and Its Application
Terrence Blackman Velling, J. On the Arithmetic and Geometry of Quaternion Algebras: A spectral correspondence of Mass Waveforms
Peter Gregory Thompson, R Divisible Groups in the K-theory Completion of SU(n)
Terence Kivran-Swaine  Moreno, C. The Admissible Dual of SL(2, Q2)
Michael Laufer Orland, P. The Geometry of Lattice-Gauge-Orbit Space
Zeljka Ljujic  Nathanson, M. Problems in Additive Number Theory
Micah Miller Zeinalian, M. Algebraic Models for the Free Loop Space and Differential Forms of a Manifold
Dustin Mulcahey Thompson, R An Unstable Variant of Morava's Change of Rings Theorem for K(n) Theory
Jason Schanker  Hamkins, J. Weakly Measurable Cardinals and Partial Near Supercompactness
Zhe Wang Jiang, Y. Holomorphic Motions and Extremal Annuli
Phillip Williams Szpiro, L. The Minimal Resultant and the Conducter for Self Maps on the Projective Line
Yelena Baishanski  Szpiro, L. The Geometry of Gauss Composition Law
Anupam Bhatnagar Szpiro, L. Paramerization of Points of Canonical Height Zero on Projective Varieties
Gabriel Drummond-Cole Terilla, J. Homotopy Batalin Vilkovisky Algebras, Tivialiizing Circle Actions, and Moduli Space
Chris McCarthay  Jiang, Y. The Hilbert Projective Metric, Multi-Type Branching Processes and Mathematical Biology: A Model of the Evolution of Resistance
Katherine Poirier   Sullivan, D. String Topology and a Compactification of the Moduli Space of Riemann Surfaces
Camilo Sanabria Malagon Churchill, R. Geometrical Aspects of Linear Differential Equations Over Compact Riemann Surfaces
Hongzhong Zhang Hadjiliadis, O. Drawdowns, Drawups and Their Applications
Ioannis Farmakis Moskowitz, M. Cohomological Aspects of Complete Reducibility of Representations
Ross Flek  Keen, L. On the Dynamics of Quasi-Self-Matings of Generalized Starlike Quadratics and the Structure of the Mated Julia Sets
Shoshana Friedman Apter, A. Aspects of Super Compactness, HOD and Set Theoretical Geology
Daniel Garbin Jorgenson, J. Asymptotics for the Parabolic, Hyperbolic, and Elliptic Eisenstein Series through Hyperbolic and Elliptic Degeneration
Hana Kogan  Marcus, M. On Critical Points for Gaussian Vectors with Infinitely Divisible Squares
Jonathan Lovell Marcus, M. Total Variation of Gaussian Processes and Local Times of Associated Levy Processes
Brooke Orosz Nathanson, M. Problems in Additive Number Theory
Michael Tepper Szpiro, L. Endomorphisms of n-Dimensional Projective Space Over Function Fields
Margaret Dean Baumslag, G. Finitely Generated Metabelian and Solvable Groups
Youngju Kim  Basmajian, A. Rigidity and Stability for Isometry Groups in Hyperbolic 4-Space
Michael Munn Sormani, C. Volume Growth and the Topology of Manifolds with Nonnegative Ricci Curvature
Marina Nechayeva  Randol, B. Asymptotics of Homogeneously-weighted Lattice Point Counts Inside Dilating domains
Abdramane Serme Pan, V. On Iterative Refinement/Improvement of the Solution of an Ill Conditioned Linear System
Radoslaw Wojciechowski Dodziuk, J. Stochastic Completeness of Graphs
Dong Wook Won Miasnikov, A. Word Problems on Balanced Semigroups and Groups
Marianna Bonanome Hillery, M. Quantum Algorithms in Combinatoric Group Theory
Victoria Gitman  Hamkins, J. Strongly Unfoldable Cardinals Made Indestructible
Claire Wladis Cleary, S. Metric Properties of Thompson's Groups F(n) and F(n, m)
Shenglan Yuan Keen, L. Dynamics of Certain Families of Transcendental Meromorphic Functions
Svetoslav Zahariev Dodziuk, J. Approximation of Spectra Result for Twisted Laplace Operators
Marcos Zyman Roitberg, J. IA-Automorphisms and Localization of Nilpotent Groups
David Allen Bendersky, M. On the Homotopy of Toric Spaces with Applications to the Homotopy Groups of Certain Manifolds
Timothy Bocchi Velling, J. Follations of Hyperbolic Space Using Radial Graphs of Prescribed Mean Curvature
Anthony Clement Baumslag, G. On the Baumslag-Solitar Groups and Certain Generalized Free Products
Rony Gouraige Kulkarni, R. Z-Classes of Elements in Central Simple Algebras
Peter Landesman Churchill, R. Generalized Differential Galois Theory
Jae Woo Lee  Nathanson, M. Infinitely Often Dense Bases and Geometric Structure of Sumsets
Gregory Markowsky Rosen, J. The Derivative of Intersection Local Time of Brownian Motion in R^2
Jonas Reitz Hamkins, J. The Ground Axiom
Erez Shochat     Kossak, R. Countable Short Recursively Saturated Models of Arithmetic
Kourosh Tavakoli  Keen, L. Conformal Geometry of Plane Domains and Holomorphic Iterated Function Systems
James Ulrich   Anshel, M. Ore Revisited: An Algorithmic Investigation of the Simple Commutator Promise Problem
Serigne Diop Marcus, M. Non-Gaussian Models of Financial Markets: Paths Simulation via Series Representation
Toshiaki Jitsukawa     Miasnikov, A. Stallings, Foldings, and Subgroups of Free Groups
Mahdi Majidi-Zolbanin Szpiro, L. Splitting of Vector Bundles on Punctured Spectrum of Regular Local Rings
Jorge Pineiro Szpiro, L. Mahler Formula for Dynamical Systems on P^n
Alexander Ushakov Miasnikov, A. Fundamental Search Problems in Group Theory
Marc Zucker Anshel, M. Studies in Crytological Combinatorics
Martin Brock Moskowitz, M. Conjugate Reducibility of Families of Block-Diagonal Matrices Over an Extension Field of a Perfect Field, and Applications to Matrix Subalgebras and Subgroups
Delaram Kahrobaei Baumslag, G. Residual Solvability, Generalized Free Products, Finitely Generated Nilpotent Groups, Free Groups, and One-relator Groups
Jose La Luz      Bendersky, M. The Bousfield-Kan Spectral Sequence for Morava K-Theory
George Leibman  Hamkins, J. Consistency Strengths of Modified Maximality Principles
Stephen Majewicz Baumslag, G. Nilpotent Q[x]-powered Groups and Z[x]-groups
Fereydoun Nouri  Sullivan, D. Graph Homology
Lucio Prado Feldman, E. P-Potential Theory on Graphs P-Parabolicity and P-Hyperbolicity
Cristina Suzuki Feldman, E. Rough Isometries between Non-Compact Riemannian Manifolds
Aaron Wan   Moreno, C. The Local Theory of Root Numbers
Hossein Abbaspour Sullivan, D. On String Topology of 3-Manifold
Elie Feder  Anshel, M. Algorithmic Problems in the Braid Group
Avraham Goldstein Bendersky, M. The Homology and the Cohomology Theories of the Connected Algebras
Ariel Halpert Pach, J. Thresholds in Random Graphs
Bilal Khan Miasnikov, A. The Structure of Automorphic Conjugacy in the Free Group of Rank Two
Alexei Kvaschuk Miasnikov, A. One-Variable Equations in Torsion -Free Hyperbolic Groups
Denis Serbin  Miasnikov, A. Infinite Words and Length Functions
Xinmao Wang  Pan, V. Inversion of Displacement Operators and Structural Matrices
Reza Chamanara  Keen, L. Automorphism of Flat Structures on Surfaces of Infinite Type
Florian Lengyel Heller, A. Recursion Categories of Coalgebras
Thomas Tradler Sullivan, D. Two BV-Structures Identified: The Hochschild Cohomology and the Homology of the Free Loop Space
Gaofei Zhang Jiang, Y. Topological Models of Polynomials of Simple Siegel Disk Type
Nikolaos Apostolakis Sullivan, D. On Moves Between Branched Coverings of 3-Manifolds
Igor Balsim      Sacksteder, R. Power Radiation by a Scattered Plane Wave
Hulya Cebecioglu Pan, V. Newton's Iteration for Matrix Computation
Jerry Ianni   Hoobler, R. Computing Normalizations Using Newton Polygons
Nam Jong Moh Huntley, J. Analysis of the Spectrum of SL(3,Z)SL(3,R)/SO(3,R)
Michael Salwen Anshel, M. Quantom Computational Attack on Two Diophantine
Dragomir Saric Keen, L. Complex Earthquakes are Holomorphic
Mahmoud Zeinalian Sullivan, D. On Some Local Combinatorial Invariance of Homology Manifolds
Mohammad Abu Tabanjeh Pan, V. Effective Cauchy-Like  Computations
Daniella Bak Anshel, M. Properties of Shuffle Groups and their Relation to Cryptography
Abdellatif Bellahnid Nathanson, M. A General Pollard Type Result for Restricted Sums

Zhao Qin Chen
Pan, V. On Some Numerical and Algebraic Computations with Matrices and Polynomials
Gordon Crandall  Dodziuk, J. Isoperimetry and Lattices on Groups of Heisenberg Type
Ching-Fen Fuh Baumslag, G. Presentations and Isoperimetric Functions of Finitely Generated Metabelian Groups
Sidney Raffer Mate, A. Some Diophantine Properties of Ordered Polynomial Rings     
Youssef Rami Pan, V. Newton's Method for Structured Matrices
Evan Siegel Velling, J. Ruling Euclidean 3-Space
Srinath Baba  Jordan, B. Diophantine Properties of Arkin-Lehner Quotients of Shimura Curves
Maria Belianina Anshel, M. Studies in Algorithmic Graph Theory
Aleksandar Bulatovic Gardiner, F. Forgetful Mappings between Teichmueller Spaces
Chokri Cherif      Sibner, R. An Application of the Fixed Point Theorem to Image Compression
Shu-Ping Han Nathanson, M. Studies in the Structure of Sumsets
Maria Weiss   Parikh, R. Completeness of Certain Bimodal Logics for Subset Spaces
Joel Zablow Bendersky, M. Loops, Waves and an Algebra for Heegaard Splittings
Edward Arroyo Anshel, M. Dawson's Chess, Short on Graphs and Graph Involutions
Irina Gladkova    Moura, J. The Zak Transform and New Approach to Waveform Design
Roland Kargl Thompson, R An Unstable Adams Spectral Sequence Based on a Generalized Homology Theory
Ivan Petrovic        Gardiner, F. A Teichmuller Model for Period Doubling
Marina Saadia-Otero Sacksteder, R. The Composition of Finite Hilbert Transform with the Differentiation Operator
Kaiyan Zhao Anshel, M. The Combinatorics of Chessboards
Ai-Long Zheng Pan, V. Studies in Algorithms for Fast Structured Matrices Computations and Their Applications
Francis Castro  Moreno, C. Exponential Sums and L-Functions over Finite Fields
Olen Dias Pan, V. Effective Computations with Dence Structured Matrices and Applications to Polynomial Evaluation and Interpolation
Timothy Gendron Sullivan, D. Fuchsian Germs
Huale Huang   Moskowitz, M. On the Structure of the Space of Lattices in a Class of Simply Connected, 2-step Solvable Real Lie Groups and Genus Sets of Certain Spaces
Xiaohan Huang Pan, V. Algorithms for Fast Rectangular Matrix Multiplications and Their Applications
Guiai Peng Sullivan, D. On the Dynamics of Nondegenerate Polynomial Endomorphisms of C2
Gregory Stein  Vasquez, A. Factoring Cyclotomic Polynomials over Finite Fields
Patrick Touhey Roitberg, J. A Phantom Dissertation
Anthony Weaver Kulkarni, R. Moduli Spaces of Hyperelliptic Riemann Surface
Katherine Wyatt  McAloon, K. Decomposition Methods for Disjunctive Linear Programming and Fixed-Income Porfolio Selection
Wei-Chen Yao Moreno, C. The Arithmetic and Geometry of Bianchi Groups
Robert Blackburn Marcus, M. Large Deviations of Local Times of Levy Processes
Ernest Gilde   Kaplan, S. On Some Problems Converning Anti-Wick Operators
Shuechin Huang  Kulkarni, R. The Geometry & Topology of Finitely Generated Fuchsian Groups
Ilia Kapovitch Baumslag, G. Quasiconvex Subroups of One-Relator Groups with Torsion
Juliette Kennedy Mate, A. On Embedding Models of Arithmetic into Reduced Powers
Marvin Shumowitz Anshel, M. Algorithms in the Theory of One Relator Groups
Meiyu Su  Sullivan, D. Measured Solenoidal Riemann Surfaces and Holomorphic Dynamics
Lei Yang Jordan, B.  
Noson Yanofsky Heller, A. Obstructions to Coherence: Natural Noncoherent Associativity and Tensor Functors
Paolo Barbano    Moskowitz, M. Automorphism and Quasi-Conformal Mappings of Heisenberg-type Groups
Yungyen Chiang Keen, L. Pleating Varieties in the Maskit Embeddings of Teichmuller Spaces of Punctured Spheres
Andre De Carvalho   Sullivan, D. Pruning Fronts and the Formation of Horseshoes
Richard Goldstone Heller, A. Geometric Realization of Homotopy Systems
Martin Helm  Nathanson, M. On Sidon Sets and Related Topics in Additive Number Theory
Jun Hu  Sullivan, D. Renormalization, Rigidity and Universality in Bifurcation Theory
Nikola Lakic Gardiner, F. Automorphisms of Teichmuller Spaces of Infinite Topological Type
Jeffrey Litwin Auslander, L. Fourier Transform Approximation and Riemann Sum Approximation for Functions that Decay in Time and Frequency
Mirco Mannucci  Heller, A. Categorical Semantics of Modal Doctrines
Elizabeth Schneider Baumslag, G. Invariants of 1-Relator Groups and Residual Properties of Amalgamated Products
Kevin Shen  Marcus, M. Some Bounds for the Expected Number of Level Crossing of Certain Hamonizable Infinitely Divisible Processes
Arthur Sowa Dodziuk, J. Geometric Unification of Schrodinger and Yang - Mills Equations and Riemannian Spectra of Vector Bundles
Dimitri Vulis Anshel, M. Crypto System Based on Collection Process
Debe Bednarchak Feldman, E. Heat Diffusion on Graphs
Salvador Liriano   Baumslag, G. The Variety of Representation of Certain Classes of Groups
Ronald Skurnick  Malkevitch, J. Integer Sequences Associated with Trees
Maryam Vulis  Anshel, M. Computational Study of the Factor Groups of the Lower Central Series of a Certain Free Product
Fangjun  Arroyo   Heller, A. Category Coherence for Symmetric Monodial Categories
William Baker Bendersky, M. Geometry Behind the Unstable Adams Spectral Squence
Alessandra Carbone Parikh, R. On Logical Flow Graphs
Adam Epstein Sullivan, D. Powers of Finite Type Complex Analytic Maps
Konstantinos Georgatos Parikh, R. Modal Logics for Topological Spaces
Frank Geshwind Auslander, L. The Weil Transform and Ambiguity Functions
Susan Hom Malkevitch, J. Properties of Plane 3-Connected Polytopal Graphs
Randi Lerohl    Sacksteder, R. On the Poincare-Bertrand Transformation Formula
Dasarat Misir Heller, A. Some Observations on Proper Homotopy
Austin Reller    Sacksteder, R. The Helmholtz Equation on Periodic Domains in the Plane
Edson Defaria Sullivan, D. Proof of Universality for Critical Circle Mapping
Harold Finz Anshel, M. Studies in Computational Group Theory
Dal Jeong Malkevitch, J. Polytopal Graphs and Arrangements of Curves
Jeffrey McGowan Dodziuk, J. The p-Spectrum of the Laplacian on Compact Hyperbolic Three Manifolds
Waldemar Paluba Sullivan, D. On Conjugacies of Infinitely Renormalizable Maps
Miguel Arcones Gine, E. On the Asymtotic Theory of the Bootstrap
George Danas Heller, A. Group Extensions and Cohomology Theory in Cartesian Closed Categories
Wei-Hua Jiang  Keen, L. On the Dynamics of λTan Z
Georgios Mantzivis Mate, A. Circuit in Bounded Arithmetic
Sudhakara Mishra  Cohn, H. Rays of Small Integer Solution of Homogeneous Ternary Quadratic Equations
Fotios Paliogiannis    Kaplan, S. Spectral Theory Using Operator Algebra Techniques
Sharon Persinger Baumslag, G. Groups with One Defining Relation
Despina Polemis  Moreno, C. The Brill-Noether Theorem with Application to A.G. Goppa Codes and Exponential Sums
Yeh Jonathan Tien Anshel, M. Neural Petri Nets and Their Applications to Combinatorial Games
Terry Fung Cohn, H. Fundamental Domains of Modular Subgroups Using Isometric Circles
Frank Isaacs Kaplan, S. Comparing the Deficienty Indices of t*t and tt*, Where t is an Ordinary Differential Operator with Smooth Coefficients
Xing-De Jia Nathanson, M. Some Results in Additive Number Theory
Yunping Jiang    Sullivan, D. Multicolor Ramsey Numbers for Disjoint Unions of Graphs
Zhi-Min Yan  Koranyi, A. Some Classes of Generalized Hypergeometric Functions in Several Variables
Michael Cook  Auslander, L. Crystallographic Space Groups and Algorithms
Ming Wang Kulkarni, R. Ad-c.r. Geometries in Dimension ≤ 4
Dona Boccio  Sacksteder, R. On the Finite Hilbert Transform
Myoung Hee Shenefelt  Auslander, L. Group Invariant Finite Fourier Transforms
James Searl  Heller, A. Rational Homotopy Theory: the General Milpotent Case
Juan Seguel Auslander, L. Sparse Matrix Factorization For Fast Symmetric
Andrea Sorbi  DiPaola, R. The Fine Structure of the Medvedev Lattice and the Partial Degree
Myong-Hi Kim Shub, M. Complexity of Newton-Euler Type Algorithms
Walter Miller    Shub, M. Differentiating Invariant Manifolds of Dynamical Systems with Applications to Melnikov Theory
Diego Benardette Shub, M. Topological Equivalence of Flows on Homogeneous Spaces, Divergence of Subgroups, and Asymptotic Homotopy Classes
Carol Hurwitz Heller, A. On the Homotopy Theory of Monoids
Richard Jarnagin Anshel, M. Statistical Aspects of Data Structures for Database Systems
Diana Kalish Feldman, E. The Morse Index Theorem with ends Submanifolds
Richard Rywkin  Sacksteder, R. Applications of the Stationary Phase to Solution of the Helmholtz Equation in Exterior Domains
Richard Sarkisian  Hoobler, R. Weil Numbers and Forms for Varieties Over Finite Fields
Claude Sureson Kanamori, A. Excursion en mesurabilite
Katherine Weld Dyer, E. Computability of Homotopy Groups of Nilpotent Complexes
Katalin Bencsath-Mezei Baumslag, G. Some Generalization of One Relator Groups
Howard Pzena Cohn, H. The Explicit Construction of Ring Class Fields with Applications to Quadratic Forms
Bharti Temkin Auslander, L. On a Linear Diophantine Problem of Frobenius for Three Variables
Michael Vulis Auslander, L. New Algorithms for the Multi-Dimensional DFT
Clara Wajngurt Cohn, H. Solutions of Diophantine Equations Over C(t) and Complex Multiplication
Mahmood Haghighi Cohn, H. Relative Integral Basis in Algebraic Number Fields
Peter Joffe Malkevitch, J. Some Properties of 3-Polytopal Graphs
Robert Johnson Auslander, L. Presentations of Solvmanifolds
Martin Lewinter  Chavel, I. Flat Points on Continuous Isometric Deformations of Connected Planar Regions
Mark Perlin   Kaplan, S. Random Graphs Applied to the Immune Network
Whitney Harris Sacksteder, R. Solution of the Neumann Problem, for the Helmholtz Equation, in the Exterior of a Surface with Corners
Max Hoefer Keen, L. Numerical Solutions of the Korteweg-deVries Equation
Satindra Kush Cohn, H. A Q-Analogue of Macrobert's E-Functions
Daniel Aulicino  Cohn, H. Units, Admissible Oriented Parallelopiped, and Bases
Ephraim Feig Auslander, L. Some Results in Algebraic Complexity Theory
Allen Gorin Feldman, E. On the Volume of Tubes
Farley Mawyer Cohn, H. Units in Parameterized p-adatropic Number Fields
Frances Sullivan  Baumslag, G. Wreath Products of Lie Algebras
Helena Wisniewski Shub, M. Rate of Approach to Minima and Sinks
Gerald Flynn Rauch, H. Solutions of Prandtl's Boundary Layer Equations Using Linear Programming and Mapping
Jew-Chen Hwang Cohn, H. The Unframified Quadratic Extensions of Pure Cubic Fields
Howard Samowitz Hoffman, A. Towards a Theory of Atoll Decompositions
Fred Buckley Hoffman, A. Ramsey Functions on Graphs
Michael Ecker Rauch, H. Non-Linear Bending Theory--the Ellipsoid
Arnold Fischthal  Isaac, R. Some Topics on the Theory of Recurrent Markov Process
Mahendra Jani Dyer, E. Induced Shape Fibrations and Fiber Shape Equivalence
Sharon Petrushka  Auslander, L. On the Theory of Distinguished Subspaces of L^2 of Heisenberg Nilmanifolds
Sheldon Rothman Moskowitz, M. The Von Neumann Kernel and Minimally Almost Periodic Groups
Maria Sinay Rauch, H. Non-Linear Bending and Buckling of Shallow Spherical Shells
Lennox Superville Hoffman, A. Various Aspects of Max-Algebra
Marysia Weiss Randol, B. Lattice Point Problems
Deborah Zvi Hoffman, A. "Greedy" Algorithms for Optimization Problems on the Lattice Polyhedron
Leo Chosid Isaac, R. Stationary Stochastic and Discrete Markov Process
Pearl Greenberguer  Jacquet, H. Fourier Transforms of Representations of Finite General Linear Groups
Arthur Levenglick  Young, P. Characterizations of Social Decision Functions
Allen Scholnick Heller, A. Representability in Categories without Completeness and Applications to Localization
Helen Strassberg Jacquet, H. L-Function and Automorphic Forms: An Application of the Poisson Summation Formula
Michael Thomson Baumslag, G. Subgroups of Finitely Presented Solvable Linear Groups
Margaret Askanas Smullyan, R. On Truth and Probability in Peano Arithmetic
Terence Coffee Rauch, H. The Stability of Plane Couette Flow
Neal Jacobs Rauch, H. Deep Buckling of a Thin Oblate Spheroidal Shell Under Uniform Normal Pressure
Basharat Jamil Hoffman, A. On the Line Graphs of the Complete Multipartite Graphs
Walter Modrys Lewittes, J. Modular Forms for Γo(p)
Umesh Nagarkatte Heller, A. Fourier Series and Hecke Operators on GL(3,R)
Peter Rolland Hoffman, A. On the Uniqueness of the Tetrahedral Association Scheme
William Wolfe Randol, B. The Asymptotic Distribution of Lattice Points in Hyperbolic Space
Michael Gargano Hoffman, A. On the Limit-Points of the Largest Eigenvalues of Certain Symmetric Matrices
Johny Hellmann Rauch, H. The Non-linear Bending of a Clamped Circular Plate under Uniform Normal Pressure
Bruce Horowiz Smullyan, R. Theory of Effectively Non-Arithmetic Sets
Barbu Kestenband  Young, P. The Structure of Rank 3 Matroid Designs and Related Designs
Paul Massell  Cohn, H. Class Groups of Real Quadratic Number Fields
Andrew Russakoff  Young, P. Some Results on the Transportation Polytope and the Dual Transportation Polyhedron
Arlene Hoffman Rauch, H. Non-Linear Large Deflection Bending of a Clamped Square Plate Under Uniform Normal Pressure
Barry Kolb Heller, A. Torsion-layers and Generalized Hermitian Forms
Geraldine Plakun Kaplan, S. Non-Existence of Solution to the Cauchy Problem for First Order Partial Differential Equations
Ronald Simenauer Lewittes, J. A Space of Modular Forms
Steven Althoen Dyer, E. A Seifert-van Kampen Theorem for the Second Homotopy Group
Harvey Braverman Auslander, L. Abelian Groups of Two or Three Dimensional Simply Transitive Affine Motions
Noel Glick Kaplan, S. Eigenfuntion Expansions in LP
Evelyn Roman Auslander, L. Ergodic Properties of Generalized Affinities of Compact Nilmanifolds
Kwan-Yuk Sit Moskowitz, M. On Bounded Elements and Centralizers of Generalized Uniform Subgroups of Locally Compact Groups
Peter Cobb  Heller, A. A Cellular Construction of Ω22
Carol Jacobowitz  Auslander, L. A Characterization of Lattice Nilpotent Groups of Classes Two and Three
Barbara Patterson Dyer, E. One Relator Metabelian Groups
Brian Shay Vasquez, A. Polynomial-Dual Coalgebra Structure in Hoff Algebras
Louis Braun Dyer, E. On the Structure of Fibration
Susan Friedman  Rivlin, T. Generalized Transfinite Diameters and Generalized Chebyshev Constants
Sidney Jacobs Hoffman, A. Some Results on Cyclic Group Divisible Designs
Dana-May Latch Heller, A. On Derived Functors of Limit
Helen Paisner Mendelson, E. A System of Extended Set Theory
Stanley Rabinowitz Hyman, H. On Mordell's Equation y2 + k = x3, with k = ± 2n3m
Joseph Rothschild Sacksteder, R. On the Computation of Topological Entropy
Rosamond Tischler Sacksteder, R. Conjugacy Problems for Rk Actions
Fred Halpern Smullyan, R. Deduction in Continuous Logics
Leonard Howes Hoffman, A. On Subdominantly Bounded Graphs
Kenneth Kalmanson  Supnick, F. Classes of Combinatorial Extrema in Certain Metric Spaces
Jack Shapiro Vasquez, A. Algebraic Properties of the Representation Ring of Compact Connected Lie Groups
David Weisman Kaplan, S. Nuclear Spaces of Almost Periodic Functions with Application to Singular Integral Operators
Elinor Berger Sacksteder, R. Concerning Fixed-Point Free Orientation Preserving Homeomorphisms of the Euclidean Plane
Michael Doob Hoffman, A. On the Characterization of a Line Graph by the Spectrums of Its Adjacency Matrix
David Ellis Balinski, M. A Uniqueness Theorem in the Cauchy Problem for Linear Parabolic Operators
Mary Fox Supnick, F. On Extrema in Space-Time
Eleanor (Sava) Goldstein Sacksteder, R. Some Extensions of Applications of of Weyl's Identity
Martin Katzen Sacksteder, R. On Weyl's Identity
Shaun O'Connell Supnick, F. A Decomposition Theorem for a Class of 2-complexes
Henry Pogorzelski  Smullyan, R. Goldbach Sentences in Abstract Arithmetics ak (A)
Yael Roitberg Baumslag, G. Some Results on Parafree Groups
David Tischler Sacksteder, R. Totally Parallelizable Manifolds
Richard Tolimieri  Auslander, L. Theory of Solvmanifolds
Louis Billera  Balinski, M. On Cores and Bargaining Sets for n-Person Cooperative Games Without Side Payments
Peter Falley Schatten, R. Ideals of Operators
Charles Masiello Schatten, R. The Average of a Gauge
Stephen Meskin Baumslag, G. The Isomorphism Problem for Some Classes of One-Relator Groups
David Sanders Supnick, F. On Extremal Circuits
Jonathan Brezin Auslander, L. Unitary Representation Theory for Solvable Lie Groups
Jane Di Paola Richardson, M. Contributions to the Theory of Block Designs
Brigid Driscoll Baumslag, G. Algorithmic Solutions of the Conjugacy Problem in Some Generalized Free Products
Allan Gewirtz Hoffman, A. Graphs with Maximal Even Girth
Louis Quintas Richardson, M. Extrema Concerning Asymmetric Graphs
Alice Whittemore Baumslag, G. Frattini Subgroups
Yuh Ching Chen Heller, A. Stacks, Co-Stacks and Axiomatic Homology theory


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