The Certificate in Medieval Studies

Candidates for the certificate in Medieval Studies must already be enrolled in one of the programs at the Graduate Center. To earn the certificate, the student must take the following courses:

  • MSCP 70100: Introduction to Medieval Studies¬†
  • Two courses with medieval topics outside the student's own field of study; for example, a Ph.D. student in medieval history might take a course in medieval literature offered by any of the five language and literature programs, or a course in the history of medieval music
  • MSCP 80500: Interdisciplinary Seminar. At least one seminar is offered each year. Topics have included the Bible in the Middle Ages, Orality and Literacy in the Middle Ages, Western Islam in the Middle Ages, and Medieval Drama. Medieval Studies seminars qualify as courses outside the home program, so that a student might offer as many as three seminars in fulfillment of the course requirements for the certificate.

In addition, candidates for the certificate

  • also demonstrate reading proficiency in premodern Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or another language in use between 500-1500, selected on consultation with the MSCP coordinator

A student who has questions about fulfilling the requirements for the Medieval Studies Certificate should consult with the Coordinator, Professor Sara McDougall or the Assistant Program Officer.

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