Program Leadership and Governance

Program Leadership

Biology   Psychology

Steering Committee

The CUNY Neuroscience Collaborative is jointly administered by faculty and students from both the Neuroscience subprogram of Biology and the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Training Area of Psychology.  Members of the steering committee overseeing the integration of these two areas into the unified Neuroscience Collaborative are:

Psychology: Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Peter Serrano (Committee Co-Chair, Hunter College)
  • Jeff Beeler (Queens College)
  • William Esber (Brooklyn College)
  • Dan McCloskey (College of Staten Island)
  • Tony Ro (The Graduate Center)
  • Leora Yetnikoff (College of Staten Island)

Biology: Neuroscience

  • Orie Shafer (Committee Co-Chair, Advanced Science Research Center)
  • Sebastian Alvarado (Queens College)
  • Paul Forlano (Brooklyn College)
  • Ekaterina Likhtik (Hunter College)
  • Itzhak Mano (School of Medicine)
  • Hysell Oviedo (City College)

Student Members

  • Robert Veline (ASRC)
  • Lucy Emma Denholtz  (Hunter College)

Program Leadership


Christopher Blair

Executive Officer and Associate Professor, Biology

Moh Moh Aung

Assistant Program Officer, Biology

Orie Shafer

Professor, Biology; Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience

Program Leadership


Patricia Brooks

Professor and Executive Officer, Psychology; Professor, Educational Psychology; Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Peter Serrano

Professor, Psychology; Professor, Biology; Professor, Biochemistry; Professor, Neuroscience; Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience

Wanda Mercado

Assistant Program Officer, Cognitive Neuroscience; Assistant Program Officer, Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology; Assistant Program Officer, CUNY Neuroscience Collaborative, Neuroscience