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Download: Tips on Writing National Research Service Award (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship Proposals From Real NRSA Reviewers

The Advanced Science Research Center

The ASRC operates as the nucleus of a University-wide science enterprise, fostering the development of an integrated research network that brings together faculty, students, and post-doctoral fellows from The Graduate Center and CUNY’s colleges across the five boroughs.

Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences

ITS is a home for research and teaching, emphasizing theoretical approaches to the natural sciences. Participants are interested in a wide range of phenomena, from the elementary building blocks of matter to the dynamics of social systems, from the collective behavior of electrons in solids to the collective behavior of neurons in the brain, and more.

Quantitative Research Consulting Center

QRCC provides students, post-docs, and faculty greater resources for statistical support in quantitative and empirical research. The QRCC provides support for researchers at any stage of research in four main areas: (1) project/research planning, (2) statistical data analysis, (3) statistical software programming, and (4) writing.

Students have access to The Mina Rees Library at The Graduate Center as well as library facilities at each senior college, which maintain a wide selection of hard copy and electronic versions of science books and journals accessible to CUNY faculty and students.

GC Librarians also curate comprehensive research libguides for a variety of topics associated with doctoral and master's programs

View the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Guide »

The Science, Industry, and Business Library (SIBL) of the New York Public Library is also located within the same building as the Graduate Center. The SIBL research collection comprises 1.5 million volumes.

General Student Resources

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These resources may be useful in planning and conducting your studies at the Graduate Center.

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