In Conversation with Aubin Pictures' Board: Dána-Ain Davis

October 4, 2017

In Conversation with Aubin Pictures' Board is a brand-new series highlighting the brilliant, creative and passionate work of Aubin's nonprofit leaders.

Board President Dána-Ain Davis is a long-time friend and fan of Catherine Gund's work, going all the way back to Hallelujah: The Story of Ron Athey (1996) .
Dána is an activist, academic, and advocate of utilizing film - documentaries in particular - to enhance education and advocacy. One thing people don't often know about her is that she majored in film in college and worked in television for many years.
In July, she began a new position as the Director for the Center of the Study of Women and Society at the Graduate Center, and she is constantly thinking about ways to integrate film into her work with masters and PhD students in the women and gender studies programs. Her favorite Aubin Pictures films to use in trainings and classes are On Hostile Ground and Motherland Afghanistan which both illustrate how cultures create societal normativity around violence against women.
One reason Dána loves being a part of Aubin's board is the connection to creativity and production: "I'm so in my own head. Being with a group or organization that is doing creative work with a social justice perspective has been an important part of how I want to be in the world. It makes being an academic much better. Moving outside of the domain of the highly theoretical and using this creative work to make broad based political points is vital to effective change."
Thank you Dána for your support, guidance, and commitment to the vision and vitality of Aubin Pictures for so many years!