On the Crisis in Ukraine

March 2, 2022

President's Office Email Header

Dear Graduate Center community,

The invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked attack on democracy and humanity. For me, the assault strikes very close to home, as my father’s family emigrated from the region to Brooklyn in the early 1900s, fleeing discrimination, conflict, and devastation.

Today and in the days ahead, our thoughts are with the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting to preserve their homes and society. We mourn for all they have lost and join them in standing for peace and self-determination.

Many of you have loved ones in the country. Our thoughts are with you too, as your well-being and mental health matter greatly to us.

Students who are impacted, I encourage you to take advantage of the personal, confidential counseling offered by our Student Counseling Services.

Employees who are affected by the crisis are urged to use the services of the CUNY Work/Life program, which offers 24/7 counseling.

Take good care.


Robin L. Garrell