Doctoral Faculty Appointments

August 20, 2013

The following is a list of twelve appointments to the doctoral faculty that were made between April 26, 2013, and June 5, 2013. Given after each name are the faculty member's home campus and fields of specialization.

Biochemistry, Ph.D. Program
Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn: Microbiology, protein interactions, biophysics, hot-microbe interactions.
George John, City: Lipid assemblies/nanochemistry, colloid science, soft matter, biomimetics/biomaterials, green chemistry.
Biology, Ph.D. Program
Asohan Amarasingham, City: Computational and systems neuroscience, statistics.
M. Felice Ghilardi, City: Neuroscience.
Christopher C. Gilbert, Hunter: Primate and mammalian evolution/anatomy, cladistics/systematics, primate and mammalian paleontology.
Business, Ph.D. Program
Andreas F. Grein, Baruch: International marketing, marketing strategy, international business, international trade operations.
Mahima Hada, Baruch: Marketing fundamentals.
Sebastiano Manzan, Baruch: Financial econometrics, statistical analysis for economics and finance.
Min Shen, Baruch: Financial accounting, financial reporting.
Criminal Justice, Ph.D. Program
Shuki Cohen, John Jay: Terrorism, personality, cognition, clinical psychology.
Ramiro Martinez, Adjunct, Northeastern University: Immigration and crime, community and crime.
English, Ph.D. Program
Matthew K. Gold, NYC College of Technology: Digital humanities, digital pedagogy, networked rhetoric, nineteenth-century American literature.
Music, Ph.D. Program
Amy Herzog, Queens: Music and film, digital media.
Physics, Ph.D. Program
Nicolas Biais, Brooklyn: Biophysics, hot-microbe interactions, microbiology, molecular motors.
Political Science, Ph.D. Program
Paisley Currah, Brooklyn: Political theory, public policy, sexuality and gender studies, biopolitics.
Beneditto Fontana, Baruch: Political theory, American political thought.
Stephanie R. Golob, Baruch: Globalization, Latin American politics, Caribbean political systems.
Mark Ungar, Brooklyn: Latin American politics, judicial reform, citizen security.
Psychology, Ph.D. Program
Stefano Ghirlanda, Brooklyn: Ecology, evolutionary biology, behavior.
Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, CSI: Autism, symbol formation, communicative gestures, comparative psychology.
Leigh T. Graham, Community economic development; urban politics; race, class and inequality; disaster recovery.
Lana B. Karasik, CSI: Bidirectional effects of infant-mother interactions, within-culture and cross-cultural studies of infants and mothers, social-cognitive development in infancy, perceptual-motor development in infancy.
Celina Su, Brooklyn: Public policy, participatory community development, civil society, youth empowerment.
Jennifer B. Wagner, CSI: Social and emotional processing, numerical cognition, learning and memory, autism.
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Ph.D. Program
Elizabeth Galletta, Hunter:  Neurolinguistics, evidence-based practice, clinical assessment.
Kimberly Gilbert, Adjunct, Hofstra: Autism.
Robert D. Melara, City: Neuroscience, cognitive psychology.
Rhea Paul, Adjunct, Sacred Heart University: Child language disorders, autism, clinical assessment.
Urban Education, Ph.D. Program
Debbie Sonu, Hunter: Urban schooling, curriculum studies, youth culture, social studies education and history.