GSTA has published "How We Teach Now, A GSTA Guide to Student-Centered Teaching" as an e-book online

April 4, 2017

We are happy to announce that The Graduate Student Teaching Association has published an e-book online. Please see the description below.

How We Teach Now, A GSTA Guide to Student-Centered Teaching

How We Teach Now provides an accessible introduction to student-centered teaching methods that aim to create varied learning opportunities for students to develop liberal arts and professional skills (such as critical thinking, oral and written communication, collaboration and teamwork) in addition to discipline-specific content knowledge. Chapters describe evidence-based teaching practices informed by a rich literature on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning that emphasizes the value of active inquiry in fostering student learning and development. The chapters provide lesson plans as well as practical advice on how to shift one's teaching away from teacher-centered methods, such as lecturing, to more effectively engage students in their own learning. Authors highlight the importance of building rapport and duologue within the classroom, designing lessons and assessments with careful thought to purpose (i.e., using backward course design) and communicating the learning objectives to students, validating students' diverse life experiences and background as relevant to their coursework, scaffolding difficult assignments to make them manageable, and using research as a context for cultivating interest in psychological science. The volume is intended for instructors interested in adopting state-of-the art teaching methods to help their students achieve their full potential. Contributors range from expert teachers to graduate student members of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

The Editors are: Rita Obeid (GC student), Anna M. Schwartz (GC student), Christina Shane-Simpson (GC alum), and Patricia Brooks

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