Happiness in the Pursuit of Achievable (Writing) Goals. The Writing Center Is Here to Help

January 30, 2020

Come to our February 4 workshop, open to all Graduate Center students, for tips and personalized support.

(Credit: Getty Images)
(Credit: Getty Images)

Feeling at sea or overwhelmed with your writing project? Frustrated about your progress (or lack of it) toward your writing goals? You’re in good company: Most graduate students have this feeling from time to time.
The Writing Center is here to help.
First, take some time to appreciate the work you’ve already done to prepare for your writing project. Even if you’re at the very beginning, you’ve already spent some time thinking about it and completed some background research. Remind yourself that you are ready to take on the writing.
The next step is setting a completion date. To make your project manageable and keep yourself on track, break your long-term goal down into smaller, short-term goals and set due dates for each, working backward from your final deadline. Make each goal specific, measurable, and achievable so you can easily determine that you’ve completed it. As you move forward, check each goal off your list, then move on to the next. Allow for some flexibility. You can always update and adjust your goals if needed, as you go.

Want more tips?

Come to The Writing Center’s “Writing Goals Workshop” on Tuesday, February 4.

Work with our writing fellows to make a plan for completing your writing goals. We’ll stay with you — throughout the semester, fellows will follow up with you about your progress via scheduled check-in emails.

This workshop is open to all Graduate Center students in master's and doctoral programs in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.
When: Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 2:30-4:00 p.m.
Where: The Graduate Center, Room 3317
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