How to Fight and Win a War on Guns

September 15, 2021

Today’s guest, Professor Candace McCoy, is a faculty member in the Criminal Justice Ph.D. program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Trained in law, she applies legal concepts to social science research on a variety of criminal justice operations and organizations. She has published widely and has held several fellowships for research and teaching. From 2016 to 2018, while on professional leave from the university, she served as the director of policy analysis for the Office of the Inspector General of the New York Police Department. McCoy has taught hundreds of students in a career spanning four decades and has worked with government agencies for research and training. She is a member of the Ohio bar.
In her return appearance on The Thought Project podcast she discusses why shootings are on the rise and how the U.S. can fight and win a war on guns. She elaborates on her Thought Project blog post, “And Now, a War on Guns, in which she discusses efforts by the Biden administration to curb gun violence. These include support for community violence prevention and cracking down on illegal firearms sales and trafficking. As America reels from school shootings and the proliferation of guns, these strategies reflect some lessons learned from the past War on Drugs, according to McCoy.
Listen to this timely discussion of a social ill that has vexed American society for decades. McCoy offers rational and thoughtful solutions for a way forward for victims, communities, and the police together. 

Listen to this far-ranging and timely Thought Project conversation.

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