How the Pandemic Is Affecting Labor: Luke Elliott-Negri on The Thought Project

November 25, 2020

Elliott-Negri, a doctoral candidate in sociology, discusses his many projects, including a new grant-funded study of collective action by workers whose lives have been put at risk by the pandemic.

Luke Elliott-Negri is a doctoral candidate in sociology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. He and Professor Ruth Milkman received a grant from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth for a study of collective labor action in businesses in which work has been made more dangerous by the pandemic. Elliott-Negri discusses this project, which began with research on gig workers.

Elliott-Negri is simultaneously writing his dissertation on the origins and development of the Working Families Party in New York State from the 1990s through 2018. He jokes about being a "wannabe political scientist and historian."
Listen in to hear Elliott-Negri's thoughts on income inequality, politics, and more in this engaging conversation.

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