New Doctoral Faculty Appointments, Fall and Winter 2013

March 12, 2014

The following is a list of appointments to the doctoral faculty that were made between August 15, 2013, and February 26, 2014. Given after each name are the faculty member's home campus and fields of specialization.

Biochemistry, Ph.D. Program
Aneta J. Czajkowska, Brooklyn: Chemistry, microbiology, nanomedicine.
Mark M. Emerson, City: Developmental neurobiology, genetics, molecular biology.
Emilio Gallicchio, Brooklyn: Molecular biophysics, biochemical pharmacology and drug delivery, structural biology.
Guillerma Gerona-Navarro, Brooklyn: Organic chemistry, molecular biophysics.
Olorunseun O. Ogunwobi, Hunter: Cancer biology, cell biology, molecular biology, translational science.
Ming Tang, CSI: Physical chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, structural biology.

Biology, Ph.D. Program
Nancy L. Greenbaum, Hunter: Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.
Jason Munshi-South, Adjunct, Fordham: Urban ecology, population genomics.
Hysell V. Oviedo, CCNY: Neuroscience.
Pablo M. Peixoto, Baruch: Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.
Rebecca F. Spokony, Baruch: Molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

Business, Ph.D. Program
Amber Anand, Baruch: Finance, market structure, institutional trading, trading activity.
Ting Chen, Baruch: Accounting, financial accounting.
Sunaina K. Chugani, Baruch: Principles of marketing, consumer behavior, research methods and statistics, business ethics and social responsibility.
Robert H. Colson, Baruch: Intermediate accounting, auditing, accounting theory, introductory managerial accounting.
Stacey Finkelstein, Baruch: Marketing and international business.
Danielle Higgins, Baruch: Principles of management accounting.
Karthik Sridhar, Baruch: Internet marketing, marketing research and analysis, consumer behavior, marketing management.
Yinghua Li, Baruch: Advanced accounting, advanced financial accounting, external reporting, intermediate accounting.
Christoph Winkler, Baruch: Entrepreneurship, social business, management.
Xiaoli Yin, Baruch: Organization behavior, sociology, business policy.

Chemistry, Ph.D. Program
Christopher S. Blaszczak-Boxe, Medgar Evers: Physical chemistry.
Aneta J. Czajkowska, Brooklyn: Analytical, nanotechnology, inorganic chemistry.
Emilio Gallicchio, Brooklyn: Molecular biophysics, physical chemistry.
Guillerma Gerona-Navarro, Brooklyn: Organic chemistry.

Comparative Literature, Ph.D. Program
Bettina R. Lerner, GC/CCNY: Nineteenth-century French literature, prose fiction.
Charity Scribner, LaGuardia: Comparative literature.
Paola Ureni, CSI: Italian studies.

Computer Science, Ph.D. Program
Feng Gu, CSI: Modeling, simulation, dynamic data driven systems, high performance computing.
Shweta Jain, York: Wireless and computer network protocols, future Internet and computer network architecture, disruption and delay tolerant networking, radio frequency identification.
Heng Ji, Adjunct, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Natural language processing, information extraction, biomedical language processing.
Matthew P. Johnson, Lehman: Algorithms, approximation, game theory.

Criminal Justice, Ph.D. Program
Katarzyna Celinska, John Jay: Gender and corrections, evaluation research, juvenile justice, criminal justice policies.
Lior Gideon, John Jay: Methodology, survey methodology, designs, criminology theory, corrections, rehabilitation and reintegration, statistical analysis.
Wendy P. Guastaferro, John Jay: Criminal justice process and policy, criminology, drug courts, research methods.
James P. Lynch, Adjunct, University of Maryland: Deviance, formal organizations.
Karin D. Martin, John Jay: Crime policy.
Peter C. Moskos, John Jay: Police, qualitative methods/ethnography, race and ethnicity, comparative policing.
Chongmin Na, John Jay: Criminological theory testing, school-based delinquency prevention, quantitative methodology.
Richard E. Ocejo, John Jay: Urban sociology, culture, research methods.
William Alex Pridemore, Adjunct, Georgia State University: Social structure and homicide, rural sociology and criminology, deviance.
Monica W. Varsanyi, John Jay: Immigration law and policy in the United States, urban and political geography, law and society.

Demography, Certificate Program
Emilio Zagheni, Queens: Causes and consequences of demographic changes using mathematical, statistical, and computational approaches; mathematical and computational demography; intergenerational ties; population and environment; interaction of population dynamics and infectious diseases.

Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. Program
Homar Barcena, Kingsborough CC: Organic materials, green chemistry, cosmochemistry.
William J. Blanford, Queens: Groundwater, environmental remediation, environmental chemistry, water resources.
Christopher S. Blaszcak-Boxe, Medgar Evers: Planetary atmospheric chemistry and physics, indoor/outdoor air/soil quality analysis, STEM education initiatives.
James F. Booth, CCNY: Environmental and geological sciences, climate dynamics, atmospheric science, meteorology.
Jean C. Carmalt, John Jay: Law and geography, economics and social rights, international law, political ecology of disasters.
Ratan K. Dhar, York: Hydrogeology, biogeochemistry, environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry.
Carson Farmer, Hunter: Geocomputation, spatial analysis, transportation, urban systems.
Carsten Kessler, Hunter: Link data and semantic web, emergency management, volunteered geographic information, geospatial semantics.
Marc-Antoine Longpre, Queens: Geology, volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry.
Elia A. Machado, Lehman: GIS and spatial analysis, remote sensing, global environmental change and vulnerability assessment.
Jeffrey H. Marsh, Queens: Tectonics, metamorphic petrology, structural geology, geochronology.
Hamidreza Norouzi, NYCCT: Hydrology, water resources, remote sensing, climate.

Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Program
Yung Chi Chen, Visiting, GC: Educational psychology, school psychology.
English, Ph.D. Program
Tanya Agathocleous, Hunter: Victorian literature, modernism, postcolonial studies.
Caroline Reitz, John Jay: Victorian literature, periodicals and culture, nineteenth-century crime/detective fiction, feminism and women’s writing.

Film Studies, Certificate Program
Anselmo (Sam) Di Iorio, Hunter: French cinema and culture, theory.
Paul Julian Smith, GC: Spanish and Mexican visual culture; television, film, and media; films of Pedro Almodóvar and Guillermo del Toro.
Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, Certificate Program
Christopher Stein, BMCC: Places where humans and computers meet: user interface, Web page creation, code writing, diversity as it relates to technology and collaboration.
Lucas S. Waltzer, Adjunct, Baruch: History of adolescence and youth, emergent trends in digital scholarship and pedagogy, role of digital technologies in curriculum development.

Liberal Studies, M.A. Program
Martin J. Burke, Lehman: American intellectual and cultural history, American religious history, history of modern Ireland.
Duncan Faherty, Queens: Eighteenth-century American literature, early U.S. literature and culture (1780-1850), American studies, circum-Atlantic studies.
David M. Gordon, Bronx CC: History of France.
Carrie Hintz, Queens: Women's writing of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with a focus on life writing; women and nonconformity in Restoration England; spousal biography from the seventeenth century to today; Renaissance, early modern, Restoration, and eighteenth-century literature.
David T. Humphries, Queensborough CC: Interwar American literature, Cold War American literature, American cultural studies, digital composition, the city as text.
Cindy R. Lobel, Lehman: Urban history, New York history, American cultural and social history.

Linguistics, Ph.D. Program
Jason B. Bishop, CSI: Phonetics, laboratory phonology, prosody and intonation, information structure.
Heng Ji, Adjunct, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Natural language processing, large-scale text analytics, multimedia information processing.

Nursing, Doctoral Program (Ph.D./DNS)
Linda J. Scheetz, Lehman: Trauma nursing, emergency nursing, geriatric nursing, critical injuries in older adults.
Philosophy, Ph.D. Program
Gary Ostertag, Adjunct, Saul Kripke Center: Philosophical language, philosophical logic.
Physics, Ph.D. Program
Cory R. Dean, City: Condensed matter, low temperature, strongly correlated behavior, two-dimensional materials.
Alexander B. Khanikaev, Queens: Condensed matter physics, optics, photonics, numerical simulations.
Sharon M. Loverde, CSI: Computational physics.
Political Science, Ph.D. Program
Jillian M. Schwedler, contentious politics, political geography, political Islam, neoliberalism, Middle East

Psychology, Ph.D. Program
Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, CCNY: Forced migrants, HIV/AIDS, trauma, clinical psychology.
Jennifer A. Basil, Brooklyn: Animal behavior and comparative psychology.
Jeff Beeler, Queens: Behavioral neuroscience, basal ganglia, learning/motivation, dopamine.
Caitlin Cahill, Adjunct, Pratt Institute: Participatory action research and theory, youth and global urban restructuring, gentrification, immigration-education rights.
Susan D. Croll, Adjunct, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: Neuropsychology.
Jennifer E. Drake, Brooklyn: Visual arts, emotion regulation, giftedness.
Timothy M. Ellmore, CCNY: Memory.
Tatiana Aloi Emmanouil, Baruch: Cognitive neuroscience, attention, visual perception, consciousness and awareness.
Gwendolyn L. Gerber, John Jay: Clinical psychology.
Matthew B. Johnson, John Jay: Clinical psychology.
David C. Lahti, Queens: Animal behavior and comparative psychology.
Lesia M. Ruglass, CCNY: Clinical assessment and treatment, addictions, trauma/PTSD, racial/ethnic disparities.
Glenn E. Schafe, Hunter: Learning, memory, emotion, stress.
Ratna Sircar, CCNY: Learning and memory, addiction, developmental neurobiology, glutamatergic system.
Brooke E. Wells, Hunter: Sexual health behavior, gay and lesbian health, women’s health, substance use,
racial identity.

Public Health, Doctoral Program (DPH)
Deborah L. Balk, Baruch: Demography, urbanization, climate change, urban health and poverty.
Sherry Baron, Queens: Occupational safety and health, health disparities, environmental justice.
David S. Bimbi, LaGuardia: Health behavior theory, substance use, HIV/AIDS and sexual behavior, LGBT issues.
Elizabeth Glass Geltman, Hunter: Environmental audits and risk assessment, hazardous waste and brownfield cleanups, shale gas extraction, environmental management systems.
Daniel B. Herman, Hunter: Mental health services, psychiatric epidemiology, homelessness.
Steven Markowitz, Queens: Epidemiology, medical screening, occupational medicine.
Levi Waldron, Hunter: Biostatistics, bioinformatics, genomics, translational cancer research.
Brooke E. Wells, Hunter: HIV, LGBT health, women's health, substance use.
Katarzyna Wyka, Hunter: Biostatistics, clinical and epidemiologic research, latent class analysis, growth mixture modeling.
Yan Zheng, Queens: Environmental health, community health behavior.

Renaissance Studies, Certificate Program
Herman L. Bennett, GC: Latin American history, race and ethnicity in the colonial world.
Sarah Covington, Queens: Early modern Britain and Ireland, martyrdom, memory, reformation.
Paolo Fasoli, Hunter: Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italian literature, lyric poetry, Chiabrera and Marino, the prose novel from Pietro Aretino to Baroque.

Social Welfare, Ph.D. Program
Daniel S. Gardner, Hunter: Social gerontology, palliative and end-of-life care, health and mental health policy, family healthcare decision making.
James M. Mandiberg, Hunter: Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, community and economic development, innovation in community-based programs, organizational theory/studies.
Juan B. Pena, Hunter: Suicidal behavior, adolescent mental health, Latino mental health, cultural globalization.
Jonathan D. Prince, Hunter: Mental health, substance abuse, prisoner reentry.

Sociology, Ph.D. Program
Charles Post, BMCC: Historical/comparative, theory, labor and work, economic sociology.

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, Ph.D. Program
Lucas C. Parra, CCNY: Neuroscience, speech and audio processing, neural computations.

Urban Education, Ph.D. Program
Jacqueline L. Darvin, Queens: Literacy education, English education, diversity education, teacher education.
Ira Shor, CSI: English.
Joseph P. Viteritti, Hunter: Public policy, politics, public law.