Professor Candace McCoy on Why New Yorkers and Americans Feel Unsafe

September 22, 2022

The criminal justice expert discusses the perception and reality of rising crime.

Candace McCoy
Candace McCoy (Photo credit: Paula Vlodkovsky)

New Yorkers have many reasons to worry about crime, from the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the state’s gun-carrying restrictions to a city-wide rise in felony assaults and rapes. CUNY Graduate Center Professor Candace McCoy, a criminal justice expert, joins The Thought Project to discuss crime in New York – both the perception and the reality. She touches on issues ranging from gun control to bail reform and helps listeners delineate false notions from truths.

McCoy has written extensively on recent Supreme Court decisions on states’ rights to regulate gun licensing and the increase of crimes with guns. She takes exception to the accusation that bail reform has allowed violent individuals to be released from jail only to commit more crimes. In this conversation, she offers a bail-reform fix that will better protect the public and still reduce the excessive imprisonment of people awaiting trial.

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CUNY Graduate Center · Professor Candace McCoy on Why New Yorkers and Americans Feel Unsafe

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