Queer Librarianship and CUNY

June 17, 2021

Elvis Bakaitis, interim head of reference at the Graduate Center's Mina Rees Library, joins this Pride Month episode to talk about queer librarianship, their research, and service to CUNY.

The Graduate Center, CUNY · Queer Librarianship and CUNY

Today’s guest is Elvis Bakaitis, interim head of reference at the Graduate Center's Mina Rees Library. Bakaitis serves on the CUNY LGBTQ Council and is a member of the board of CLAGS: the Center for LGBTQ Studies at the Graduate Center. They are also the library liaison to Women's and Gender Studies master’s program at the Graduate Center. Bakaitis is the author and illustrator of Homos in Herstory and co-founder and co-lead of the New York City Feminist Zine fest.
In this Pride Month episode of The Thought Project, Bakaitis talks about queer librarianship and their project to research and create new queer and feminist bibliographies, plus an oral history project about Bluestockings Bookstore. We discuss current LGBTQ activism at CUNY, and Bakaitis talks about their roles as interim head of reference at the Mina Rees Library and board member of the CUNY LGBTQ Council and CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies.

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