Reserving Rooms for Events at the Graduate Center

March 24, 2023

Our campus facility and room reservation policies ensure fairness in use and access and to preserve the integrity of event planning and community use activities.

President's Office Email Header - Fall 2022

Dear Graduate Center community,

Our building is designed for use by Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff, and also by members of the public whom we welcome at scores of lectures, symposia, and performances.

We completely understand the need and desires of our faculty, students, and staff to congregate for a wide range of events. Although it is exciting to see the building coming back to full capacity, the increased demand for reservable space is at times more than we can accommodate. To provide access in a fair and just way, the Graduate Center has a long-established procedure for reserving space. Using this process is the best way to avoid scheduling conflicts and other significant issues that arise when a group plans to use a space that was already reserved by another. Moreover, when events are not entered on to the campus room reservation calendar, the Graduate Center cannot ensure that essential staff are available to support facility needs and campus health or safety requirements.

Our campus facility and room reservation policies must be followed to ensure fairness in use and access and to preserve the integrity of event planning and community use activities. Please take this opportunity to refamiliarize yourself with them. Detailed information about reserving rooms and planning events can be found on the room reservations page of the Graduate Center website. The CUNY Policy Regarding Use of College Facilities (section III.B) establishes priorities for use of campus facilities by various groups and organizations.

Members of the Graduate Center community (including degree programs, centers, institutes, and committees, the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council, and chartered student organizations) are entitled to request space for academic events such as lectures, conferences, meetings, and performances. To do so, they are welcome to fill out this form using their Graduate Center credentials.

The room reservations staff will review and respond to all requests. Owing to staff limitations and the large volume of requests, responses typically take three to five days.

To promote transparency, the room reservations team distributes a weekly calendar to executive officers, center directors, and assistant program officers listing the room reservations for the upcoming week.

Should you have questions about the room reservations procedure, please reach out to If you have questions about our room reservations policies, please reach out to

Thank you for your cooperation. This will help the Graduate Center ensure that we are and remain a vibrant, welcoming, and productive campus for all members of our community, and for the members of the public whom we serve.

Thank you.


Robin L. Garrell

Steve Everett
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs