Science Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Valles

October 4, 2021

Headshot: Daniel Valles

Daniel Valles started the Ph.D. program in chemistry at CUNY in August of 2017 and graduated in August 2021 while working in Adam Braunschweig’s group at the Advanced Science Research Center. Before joining the PhD program, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from SUNY Stony Brook University followed by a Master of Arts in Chemistry from CUNY Brooklyn College.

As an undergraduate, Daniel showed great interest in the sciences as he took classes in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. He chose to pursue chemistry and joined Professor Raineri’s group studying density functional theory of donor-acceptor systems with Zn-porphyrin for light harvesting applications. Upon graduating, he entered the industry working for Spectra Colors Corp. as a technician and researched the synthesis of polymeric dyes. After a few years, he returned to academia in pursuit of a master’s degree in chemistry at CUNY Brooklyn College. With close guidance from faculty members such as Prof. Brian Gibney, Prof Richard Magliozzi, and Prof Maria Contel, he received his degree in May 2017. The culmination of his experiences led him to pursue his goals of becoming a researcher in the field of chemistry.

Throughout his time at the Advanced Science Research Center in Adam Braunschweig’s lab he published 9 peer reviewed articles with the nanolithography subgroup. He helped develop a patterning technique coined Hyperspace Photolithography, which uses photochemical organic reactions to pattern molecules onto solid substrates. Through this technique he fabricated multiplexed surfaces with organic dyes, glycans, and polymers. As a capstone to his thesis, he combined much of what he developed to pattern glycopolymer microarrays that proved to have one of the lowest detection limits reported when binding with a commonly studied lectin.

In the summer of 2021, he accepted a position as a polymer chemist at Cary Compounds in Manalapan, New Jersey. Cary Compounds is a PVC compounding company that provides high quality polymer compounds to the extrusion, extrusion profile, and injection molding industries.  Daniel has joined Cary Compounds’ team of experienced polymer chemists who provide the highest level of expertise utilizing innovative production and development technologies.


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