Science Alumni Spotlight: Mahmoud Zeinalian

May 3, 2018

Mahmoud Zeinalian

Mahmoud Zeinalian received his PhD in Mathematics from CUNY Graduate Center in 2001 and is currently an adjunct member of its doctoral faculty. He fell in love with math while growing up in Tehran where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Sharif University. It was there that he learned about CUNY for the first time when the Einstein Chair professor, Dennis Sullivan, visited a math conference.

A full scholarship from CUNY made it possible for Mahmoud to move to New York where he obtained his PhD in Algebraic Topology under the supervision of Dennis Sullivan. Today, a tenured full professor at LIU, Mahmoud continues to participate in the mathematical activities of his Alma Mater. He runs a popular K-theory seminar on Wednesdays and currently advises two PhD candidates at the Graduate Center. Two other CUNY students have already completed their PhDs under his supervision.

A recipient of the National Science Foundation individual grant, the Simons Foundation’s Collaborative Grant, as well as several joint NSF research grants, Mahmoud has also been a multiple recipient of the visiting scholarship of the Max Planck Institut für Mathematik in Bonn and the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques near Paris.

When he doesn’t teach, publish, or work with his collaborators, he undertakes outreach activities such as workshops for teachers as part of the Math for America program.