Science Faculty Spotlight: Patricia Brooks

April 12, 2017


The Psychology Department at the Graduate Center will be holding our 7th Annual Pedagogy Day Conference on Friday, October 28, 2016, with the theme of Student Centered Teaching. This and the previous six conferences have been organized by Professor Patricia Brooks (Developmental Psychology Doctoral Training Area, Psychology; Professor, College of Staten Island). It will feature Professor Janie Wilson, President of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology as the keynote speaker to discuss approaches to teaching statistics and research methods.  Other featured workshops will focus on how to bring authentic research into the classroom (led by Dr. Rebecca Weiss, Dr. Daryl Wout, and Ms. Kim Schanz from John Jay College, CUNY), how to use blogs to enhance student engagement (led by Ms. Julie Hecht and Dr. Philip Kreniske from The Graduate Center), and techniques for developing students’ critical thinking skills (led by Dr. Paige Fisher, Dr. Janine Buckner, Dr. Amy Hunter, and Dr. Susan Nolan from Seton Hall University).

Dr. Brooks received external funding from the American Psychological Association, and has made CUNY the Headquarters for the APA Division II Teaching of Psychology for Graduate Student Training. A flier for the current program follows on the next page as well as the 2015-2016 Faculty Service Award in Psychology awarded to Dr. Brooks for her dedicated service in this area.

Text by the Ph.D. Program in Psychology