SECURITY ALERT - Suspicious Packages Containing Explosive Devices

October 31, 2018

NYPD reported that starting on 10/23/18, pipe bombs were delivered to the homes and offices of high profile political figures in and around New York City.

The New York City Police Department reported that on Tuesday, 10/23/18, a pipe bomb was delivered to the mailbox of George Soros’ suburban home outside New York City.  Additionally, the U.S. Secret Service discovered an explosive device on the evening of 10/23/18, addressed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Westchester residence. On 10/24/18, CNN reported that a device constructed with a pipe and wires was sent to the Time Warner Center in Manhattan where CNN is located. The package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan and NYPD is testing white powder that was contained in the package.  Also on 10/24/18, a suspicious package was sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Manhattan office and the U.S. Secret Service intercepted another device addressed to the former First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington D.C.  All of the devices were delivered in weighty large manila envelopes, addressed in block type and had the same number of American flag stamps.
Graduate Center mail room personnel have been reminded of suspicious package identification and mail screening protocols and public safety officers have been informed of the threat.  If you come across suspicious mail or packages, do not touch it, leave the area immediately and call Public Safety at 212-817-7777 (do not use a cell phone).  You can prepare for an emergency by learning fire exit locations and evacuation routes. For additional information on emergency procedures please visit our website at  Thank you.