A Short Animated Introduction to Karl Marx

January 9, 2018

OpenCulture.com, 1.9.18"

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A Short Animated Introduction to Karl Marx

OpenCulture.com, 1.9.18

The first and most famous volume is hard going without a guide, and you'll find fewer better than David Harvey, professor of anthropology and geography at the City University of New York's Graduate Center. Harvey's Companion to Marx's Capital has guided readers through the text for years, and his lectures on Marx have done so for students going on four decades. In the video above, see an introduction to Harvey's lecture series on volume one of Marx's Capital, and at our previous post, find complete videos of his full lecture series on Volumes One, Two, and part of Volume Three. Harvey doesn't claim that a kinder, gentler capitalism can be found in Marx. But as to the question of whether Marx is still relevant to the vastly accelerated, technocratic capitalism of the present, he would unequivocally answer yes.