Steven Romalewski Comments on Voting Patterns in New York City

April 28, 2016

Takeaways from New York Presidential Primary Voting

Gotham Gazette, 4.28.16
When asked why he thought Clinton received greater support from black voters than she had in the last Democratic presidential primary in New York, [Steve] Romalewski told Gotham Gazette, "I think conventional wisdom is that...she was not running against Barack Obama, a historic African-American candidate, and in 2008 Barack Obama did very well in those areas - the only areas of the city she did not do well in." It is likely, Romalewski said, that in 2008 there was "a strong connection between black communities and the black candidate. In 2016 that wasn't the case." (Maps displayed are based on UNOFFICIAL NYC BOE election night returns as analyzed by the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center, CUNY).