November 18, 2021


Dear Graduate Center community,

We write to express our sincere gratitude for the robust participation in this year’s Student Experience Survey. At one of the busiest times of the semester, 37% of doctoral students, and 38% of master’s students responded to the survey. We are thrilled to receive the input of so many students and will use the broad feedback to inform planning.

Thank you to our students for sharing their thoughtful responses. Thank you to the executive officers, assistant program officers, and other administrators who tirelessly encouraged students to participate. And thank you to the leaders of the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council for generously collaborating to raise awareness of this important survey.

What’s next?

Gift card winners will be announced soon. Students should check their email to see if they won.

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) is analyzing the survey results. A final report will be available and published on the OIRE website. We will also provide program-specific results to the administrators of each academic program — executive officers, deputy executive officers, assistant program officers, and directors. The Provost’s Office will work with the programs to make plans and take action based on the data.

We look forward to sharing the survey results with you and, most importantly, using the valuable feedback to enhance students’ experiences at the Graduate Center.


Steve Everett
Provost and Senior Vice President

Yun Xiang
Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness