Welcome to Christina Chica, CLAGS' Scholar-in-Residence for 2023–24

August 31, 2023

Christina Chica-Bio Pic
 Christina Chica, CLAGS' Scholar-in-Residence for 2023-24

Welcome to Christina Chica, CLAGS' Scholar-in-Residence for 2023–24. Christina is a child of migrants from Mexico and El Salvador. She is an interdisciplinary sociologist and scholar-theorist of placemaking who uses multiple methods to study placemaking among LGBT+, migrant, and racially marginalized populations across time and space. Their dissertation-to-book project, Queer Metropolis: LGBT+ Placemaking in Mexico City, investigates the relationship between urban change and LGBT+ placemaking in Mexico City with particular emphasis on how LGBT+ people and organizations have adapted to COVID-19.