February 3, 2022

Emma Bailey, Research Associate officially started her 2–3-year Post-Doc with the Ph.D. Program in Mathematics at GC January 2022. She is generally situated within the probability group and will be closely working with Louis-Pierre Arguin (and his students). Emma will also be working on some projects with Jack Hanson and Shirshendu Chatterjee. I asked her to write a short blurb to introduce herself:

I am broadly interested in the connections between probability, number theory, and random matrix theory. I completed my Ph.D. in 2020 at the University of Bristol, and prior to arriving at CUNY I held a postdoc position at the MSRI program ‘Universality and Integrability in Random Matrix Theory and Interacting Particle Systems’.

My Ph.D. was titled 'Generalized moments of characteristic polynomials of random matrices’ and my supervisor was Prof. Jon Keating. There exists a philosophy (see Montgomery-Dyson, Keating-Snaith, Katz-Sarnak etc) that characteristic polynomials of certain types of matrices share properties with certain number theoretic functions, for example the Riemann zeta function. My work is often inspired by trying to further our understanding of this apparent connection. More recently my research has focussed on exploiting an approximate branching structure evident in both the zeta function and unitary characteristic polynomials. There one can use techniques from probability and statistical mechanics to analyse these functions directly and numerically.