Winners of the 2015-2016 Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowships Announced

April 13, 2015

The Graduate Center today announced the results of the 2015-2016 Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship competition.

The Graduate Center today announced the results of the 2015-2016 Graduate Center Dissertation Fellowship competition.

Drawn from a pool of nearly 300 applications, the 91 winning students will receive awards varying between $5,000 and $22,000.
The annual competition, open to level III doctoral candidates, is administered by the Office of the Provost. Its goal is to increase financial support for GC students.
The list of winning proposals follows:

B. Altman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Brian Baaki (English) A Dark Record: The Black Criminal in Early American Life and Print, 1699-1864
Robert Hunter Jackson (Earth and Environmental Sciences) "In Certain Respects, the Future Looks Bright:" Migration, Criminalization, and Race-Making in 21st Century Alabama

Naomi Perley (Music) Chamber Music, Cyclic Form, and the Absolute Ideal in French Music and Literature, 1870-1918

American Studies Dissertation Year Fellowship ($22,000)

Joanna Tice (Political Science) The Power of the Spirit: The Political Thought of 21st Century Evangelicalism

Mario Capelloni Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Stephanie DeVries (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Evaluating the Effects of Trace Narasin on Biogeochemical Processing of Nitrogen in Soil
Genevieve Higby (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) Neural responses to violations of verb argument structure in Spanish-English bilinguals 2
Yue Liu (Biology) Physical Mechanisms and Biological Consequences of Voltage-gated Sodium Channel Modulation by FHF Proteins

Arthur Parzygat (Physics) Perspectives on Quantization

Carell Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Natascia Boeri (Sociology) Bringing Labor Home: Organizing Home-based Workers in India

Deborah Charnoff (History) Men Set on Fire: Algernon Sidney, John Adams and the Anglo-American Republican Tradition

Marilyn J. Gittell Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land (Sociology) Good Intentions, Bad Results? The Settler Colonial Dynamics of Crime Prevention Policy in a Western Canadian Province

Malav Kanuga (Anthropology) "When we demand our share of this world": The Right to the Indian City and the People's Plan
Wen Liu (Psychology) Queer Asian Diaspora: Immigration, Citizenship, and Transnational Politics 

Frances Degen Horowitz Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Philip Kreniske (Psychology) How Low-Income Freshmen Use Interactive Media to Make Sense of their College Transition 

IRADAC Dissertation Year Fellowship ($22,000)

Kristina Huang (English) Toward a Black Enlightenment: the Making of an Anglo-African Class 

The Leon Levy Center for Biography Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)


Jennifer Chancellor (English) Portrait of the Artist, as an Ad Man: Advertising, Masculinity, and the American Postmodern Novel

Daron Howard (Sociology) The Chess Hustlers

Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Hernisa Kaccori (Computer Science) Data-driven Models and Evaluation of Syntactic Facial Expressions For ASL Animation
Charuta Kulkarni (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Lessons from the Past: Unfolding the Dynamics among Climate, Balkan Landscapes, and Humans over the Past Two Millennia

Zhiwei Yin (Chemistry) Two Birds, One Stone – A Divergent Synthesis of Fragrant and Medicinally Usefully Molecules by QIK 3

Yeon Yoon (Psychology) Neural hypervigilance in trauma-exposed people

Martin E. Segal Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Lisa Reinke (Theatre) 'Ubiquitous' Theatre: Portable New Media and Performance in Early Twenty-First-Century New York 

The Schomburg Archival Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)

Jeff Diamant (History) Saudi Arabian Influence on African-American Muslims: Transnational Transformations in Islam, 1975-2000 

Dissertation Year Fellowship ($22,000)

Marissa Bellino (Urban Education) Critical YPAR for Reimagining Urban Environmental Education
James Blair (Anthropology) Extracting Indigeneity: Oil, Environment and Self-Determination In the Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Chris Brandon (French) Mallarmé and Media: From Creative Play to Digital Creation
Briana Brickley (English) Follow the Bodies: (Re)Materializing Difference in the Era of Neoliberal Multiculturalism
Young-hwan Byun (Political Science) Politics of Middle Class Decline and Growth in Industrialized Democracies, 1970-2010
Luca Capanelli (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) Memory retrieval and expectation in sentence comprehension: Toward an integrative framework
Nicholas Cross (History) The Greeks and Interstate Alliances in the Fourth Century BCE: a Socio-cultural Perspective

Jeffrey Culang (History) (Re)Constituting Egypt: Citizenship, Nationality, and Religion, 1882-1936
Katherine Dawson (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) The Effects of Dual Motor and Cognitive Tasks on Speech Motor Control Across the Lifespan
Scott Dietrich (Physics) Quantal Heating of 2D Electrons
Anahi Douglas (English) Nomads of the Body, Exiles of the Mind: Twentieth Century Transnational African American Art and Literature in México
Arnaud Gerspacher (Art History) Posthumanist Animals: France and Belgium 1972-87
Julia Goldstein (Theatre) Conflict, Collaboration, and Community: Transnational Process in Performances by Aftaab Theatre, Sundance Institute East Africa, and Lola Arias 4
Szu-Ying Ho (Sociology) Flexicurity and Its Discontents: The Effects of Flexicurity on Gender Equality
Ahmed Ibrahim (Anthropology) Scriptural Interpreters: an anthropology of Islam
Angela Jones (Psychology) Sensitizing Jurors to Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Eyewitness Identification: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Henderson Instructions
Joshua Katz-Rosene (Music) From Protest Song to Social Song: Music and Politics in Colombia, 1964-2014
Joshua Keton (Philosophy) Language, Law, and Authority: The Social Roots of Political Obligation
Rafael Lemus Falcon (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages) Life in Neoliberalism: Culture, Politics and Affect in Contemporary Mexico
Jacquelyn Libby (French) French or Algerian: Relational Mediterranean identity in the writings of Albert Camus

Fabio Mattioli (Anthropology) The politics of Illiquidity: Precarity, value and hierarchies in Macedonia's construction industry
Erin Maurer (Sociology) Where Have All the Feminists Gone? A Mixed-Methods Study of College Students' Attitudes Toward Gender Equality

Leigh McCallen (Educational Psychology) The Social Ecology of Educational Resilience: A Mixed-Method Study of Community and Senior College Students' Educational Experiences and Outcomes at Public Urban University
Alexander McKelvy (Biology) Testing Modes of Diversification in the Southeastern United States Using Comparative Phylogeography of Snakes

Alice Lynn McMichael (Art History) Rising Above the Faithful: Monumental Ceiling Crosses in Byzantine Cappadocia
Krystyna Michael (Comparative Literature) The Urban Domestic: Domesticity, Space and Aesthetics in 19th and 20th-Century American Literature and Culture
Erin Michaels (Sociology) Schooling, Youth, and Political Incorporation in High-Immigration Suburbia
Natalie Musteata (Art History) From Radicality to Romanticism: The Institutionalization of the Artist as Curator, 1970-2010
Yael Oelbaum (Psychology) Understanding the Glass Cliff Effect: Why are Female Leaders Being Pushed Toward the Edge?
Matthew Aaron Owen (Biology) Relaxed sexual selection after introduction in the small Indian mongoose (Herpestesauropunctatus) 5
Byung Do Park (Mathematics) A Geometric Model of Twisted Differential K-Theory
Arina Pismenny (Philosophy) The Syndrome of Romantic Love
Carolyn Plunkett (Philosophy) A Defense of Internal Subjectivist Reasons for Action
Victoria Restler (Urban Education) Visualizing Value: Reimagining Teacher Evaluation
Roy Rogers (History) Politics, Law, and Denominational Competition in the Early National Chesapeake, 1776-1817
Chelsea Schields (History) Closer Ties: The Dutch Caribbean and the Aftermath of Empire, 1942-2012
Aaron Shapiro (Political Science) Dinosaurs for the Digital Age: Democratic Party Organization in the 21st Century
Shang-yu Sheng (English) From Sociability to Self-Expression: The Ethics of Reading in the Published Letter, 1640-1790
Elizabeth Sibilia (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Space, Labor, and Law: The global production of a landscape for ship breaking in Chittagong, Bangladesh and the problem of waste
Jennifer Sloan (Sociology) How Do Dreamers Succeed? Educational Trajectories of Undocumented College Students
Alice Tzou (Sociology) Sewing Jackets Sowing Lives
Lorena Uribe Bracho (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages) 'My Lute Shall Be the Image of the Heavens': Music as Imagined by Spanish Golden Age Lyric Poetry
Anders Wallace (Anthropology) Swinging in the Iron Cage: Pickup Artists, Seduction Communities, and Passing for Heterosexual Men

Secil Yilmaz (History) Love in the Time of Syphilis: Medicine, Sex, and Emotion in the Ottoman Empire and Early Republican Turkey (1860-1940)
Yun Yu (Chemistry) Nanoelectrochemical Approach to Detect Short Lived Intermediates of Electrocatalytic Processes
Emily Zane (Linguistics) In the bag, on the plate, in the mind: An ERP investigation into the interaction between visuospatial information, object information, and spatial language during on-line processing

Athena Pollis Fellowship ($22,000)

Mohamad Junaid (Anthropology) Youth Activists in Kashmir: State Violence, Tehreek, and the Formation of Political Subjectivity 6



Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Award ($12,000)

Irit Bloch (History) 'Bending the Law'- Weimar Judiciary and The Political Bias Paradox of the Legal System 

Ralph Bunche Dissertation Fellowship ($12,000)

Sobukwe Odinga (Political Science) Hostages to Fortune: Strategic Resources, Hard Bargaining, and US-African Security Cooperation

Center for Place, Culture and Politics Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000)

Andrew Battle (History) Community Development, the Urban Crisis, and the End of the Ghetto in Bedford-Stuyvesant
Mark Drury (Anthropology) The Structure of Disjuncture: An Anthropology of Western Sahara's Decolonization
Stefanie A. Jones (Theatre) Acts of Provocation: Popular Antiracisms on/through the Twenty-First Century U.S. Commercial Stage
Shirley Leyro (Criminal Justice) Under Siege: Fear of Deportation and its Consequences on Immigrant Communities
Chris Michael (Political Science) A History of Worker Cooperatives in the United States
Raymond Scannell (Sociology) Bodies Encoded: Embodiment, Incarceration, and Political Economy After the Quantification of Everything

Dissertation Year Awards ($5,000)

Emily Channell (Anthropology) Youth and Revolution: The Resurgence of Leftist Politics Before and During Ukraine's Maidan

Michelle Fisher (Art History) 'Nothing is transmissible but thought': Le Corbusier's Radiant City in Diaspora
Andrew Friedman (Theatre) Theatre of Fiction, Theatre of Reality, Theatre of Contemporaneity: Vegard Vinge, Ida Muller, and Trond Reinholdtsen's Ibsen-Saga
Brenda Gambol (Sociology) Growing Up Filipino American: How Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity Shape the Educational Trajectories and Occupational Aspirations of Second-Generation Middle-Class Filipino Americans
Ashwini Ghogare (Chemistry) A Multidisciplinary Approach of Photosensitizer Drug and Singlet Oxygen Targeted Delivery for Photodynamic Therapy of Hypoxic Tumors 7

Hannah Jaicks (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Of People and Predators: Mediating Conflicts and Fostering Coexistence with Carnivores in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Cihan Karabulut (Mathematics) Modular Forms, Period Polynomials and Sums of Binary Hermitian Forms
Chunrye Kim (Criminal Justice) Investigating the Risk Factors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Korean Immigrants in New York City
Brenda Malcolm (Psychology) Cognitive Aging and Gait Stability: A Novel Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) Approach
Velina Manolova (English) Queer Interventions in Racial Liberalism in the Writings of Lillian Smith, Carson McCullers, James Baldwin, and Lorraine Hansberry, 1944-1970
Denise Vigani (Philosophy) Construing Character: Virtue as a Cognitive-Affective Processing System
Antonella Vitale (History) Fuitina: Love, Sex, and Rape in Modern Italy 1945-Present
Fang Xu (Sociology) 'China Dream' or Local Language in Cosmopolitan Shanghai: State Policies and Place-bound Identity