Aleksey Myasnikov

Aleksey_Myasnikov headshot alumni

Graduated: 2018

Gradarius, a revolutionary new software platform invented at Stevens by faculty members Alexei Miasnikov and Aleksey Myasnikov, is also making a difference. The new platform manages homework, administers and grades quizzes, monitors self-study and provides meaningful feedback — showing how a solution might be partially correct and hinting at new pathways to complete it, for instance.

Student retention, grades and retention of calculus knowledge have soared since the new strategy was implemented. Five years ago, one in three Stevens calculus students received grades of D or F, or withdrew entirely from a calculus course without credit. Today, far fewer calculus students 
(about 15 percent) fall into these categories. And since Gradarius was rolled out 18 months ago, students attaining A's have nearly tripled while the number receiving D's or F's decreased by half.