Andy Zhenzhou Tan


Research Interests

  • Language and neoliberalism, social differentiation and interactions across social differences, media technology, education, intellectual/elite, China

Subfield: Linguistic Anthropology

Advisor: Sarah Muir

I came to anthropology by way of literary studies and philosophy. Anthropology welds together my interests, in my trajectory as a first-generation college student and in language and social interactions in general. Anthropology lets me envision a career not only of speaking and writing about and for, but also of (inter-)acting with, the kinds of people I have linked together with my own trajectory from a small town in Southwest China, via Beijing, to New York. I have written about the ideology-informed interactions between migrant workers, students, and intellectuals in a labour protest in South China. My current project is on full-time distance education promoted as a potential equalizer of quality education in China. Besides my student life, I am making a foray into labour activism in Manhattan's Chinatown. To not let my old professional skills lie idle, I also write anime reviews and translate between Mandarin, English, and French on an irregular basis.