Annie Stoeth

Annie Stoeth headshot outside

Research Interests

  • Soil Ecology

Advisor: Jeffrey Bird

Student Bio: Annie Stoeth is a second year PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department.  She is an adjunct lecturer at Queens College, covering 2 lab sections of ENSCI 100 in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  She has been actively implementing a course redesign for ENSCI 100 as part of HSI STEM Bridges Across Eastern Queens.  In the redesigned course, students take part in an experiential learning module (testing for lead (Pb) in NYC drinking water) and receive weekly peer mentoring from upper level ENSCI majors at the college (ranging from course content help to academic/career advising). 

Annie’s own research focuses on the role of anthropogenic waste in soil ecosystems.  She is particularly interested in assessing and quantifying the role of soil fauna in these interactions and hopes to discover potential for bioremediation among edaphic organisms. Her dream is to write science curriculum for students and non-student learners across New York City that brings science education and academic scientific processes into closer accordance.