Barbara Gail Montero

Barbara Gail Montero - Faculty -  profile photo

Research Interests

  • • Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics (Physicalism, Supervenience, Grounding), Cognitive Science (Expertise, Consciousness, Proprioception, Memory), Aesthetics (Embodied Aesthetics), Philosophy of Mathematics, Utilitarianism in Infinite Worlds


  • Ph.D. University of Chicago

Courses Recently Taught

  • Metaphysics (Spring 2013)
  • Bodily Awareness (Spring 2009)

Representative Publications

  • Montero, B. G. (2016), Thought in Action: Expertise and the Conscious Mind, (Oxford University Press).

  • Toner, J., Montero, B. and Moran, A. (2015), “The Perils of Automaticity," Review of General Psychology, 19 (4), 431-422.

  • Montero, B.G. (2015), “Philosophy of Mind in 19th Century Germany,” in The Oxford Handbook of 19th Century German Philosophy, edited by Forster, M. and G. Kristen, Oxford University Press, 354-370.

  • Montero, B.G. (2013), “Must Physicalism Imply the Supervenience of the Mental on the Physical?” Journal of Philosophy: 93-110.

  • Montero, B.G., and Evans, C. (2011), “Intuitions without Concepts Lose the Game: Mindedness in the Art of Chess,” Phenomenology and Cognitive Science, 10:2, pp. 175-194.

  • Montero, B.G. (2013), “The Artist as Critic: Dance Training, Neuroscience and Aesthetic Evaluation,” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 71:2, pp. 169–175.

  • Cole, J. and Montero, B. (2007), “Affective Proprioception” Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts, Special Issue Edited by Shaun Gallagher, 9.2 (2007), pp. 299-317.

  • Montero, B. (2006), “Proprioception as an Aesthetic Sense,” Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 64: 2, pp. 231-242.

  • Montero, B. and Papineau, D. (2005), “The Via Negativa Argument for Physicalism,” Analysis, 65:3, pp. 233-237.

  • Montero, B. (1999), “The Body Problem,” Noûs, 33:3, pp. 183-20.