Bernie Domanski

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Dr Bernie Domanski is a tenured Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the City University of New York (CUNY) at the College of Staten Island (CSI). He retired from fulltime teaching at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, where he had been lecturing for nearly 40 years. He holds the first PhD in Computer Science ever awarded at CUNY in 1980.  

In pursuit of as much Computer Science as he could get, Dr Bernie transferred from Brooklyn College as a sophomore as soon as CCNY announced CUNY’s first Computer Science program in 1968.  He received his BS and MS from CCNY, and was influenced by Professors Albert Madansky (chair), Martin Kaliski, George Ross, William Gewirtz, and Charles Weldon. Of prime importance is his lifelong debt to Professor Michael Anshel, with whom Dr Bernie took countless classes, who greatly influenced him to go into Academia, and was Dr Bernie’s  doctoral advisor.

Besides being an active Professor of Computer Science, Dr Bernie been a consultant, expert witness, software designer & developer and researcher for numerous government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and professional conferences. 

Probably known best for his work in Computer Performance EvaluationDr Bernie is recognized for his pioneering efforts in Expert Systems for Performance Evaluation, mobile computing, and media development. He was awarded the A. A. Michelson lifetime achievement award by the Computer Measurement Group. He has written over 100 papers, and has given countless presentations worldwide.  He has won numerous awards for his research work and motivational and energetic teaching style. Dr Bernie was awarded the College of Staten Island Dolphin Award for excellence in teaching.  He received many grants pertaining to software design and development, served on numerous college committees and was the department Chair from 2007-2010.  Dr Bernie has 4 children, 6 grandchildren (with hopefully more on the way), and has been married to Shelly for over 40 years.

Dr Bernie loves a great book, and still, his greatest vice is all types of computing.  His hardware/software heritage goes back to a MonroeBot (in high school in Brooklyn), an IBM 360 (at CCNY), various UNIVAC mainframes, an IBM 1130, many Digital Equipment PDP and VAX systems, UNIX at Bell Labs, Radio Shack TRS-80, IBM PCs and Windows, and Apple's Mac and all IOS mobile devices.  Software includes programming in FORTRAN, COBOL, C/C++, PL/1, Algol, SAS, C#, Visual Basic and Python. Dr Bernie collaborated on the development of the very first UNIX operating systems monitor, and prototype software monitors for IMS and MVS while at Bell Labs. He worked many large system benchmarks, and designed many queuing and simulation models to help verify the validity of performance studies and benchmarks.

Finally, perhaps of highest importance, the Friday Funnies by Dr Bernie, is a free humor blog that's been published since 1997, and can be accessed at