Catherine King

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Research Interests

  • Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management; space of interaction between science and management; socio-ecological networks, global production networks, actor-networks.

Dissertation Topic: “Understanding Environmental Governance and the Emergence of Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management in the New England Groundfish Fishery'”

Advisor: Kenneth Gould

I am a PhD candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Environmental and Geological Sciences Concentration) at the Graduate Center CUNY. My dissertation project analyzes the governance of the New England groundfish fishery through the emergence of Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management (EBFM), focusing on how science and management function together in a network of ecological, social, and economic relationships. Scientific uncertainty, rapidly changing environmental conditions, and variable market dynamics require participatory and adaptive management strategies that reconcile disciplinary and epistemological divisions. By closely examining practices of conceptualization, classification, and categorization, I hope to provide insights on contradictions that hinder understanding in areas where economic, social, and conservation agendas interact. My research integrates methods from political ecology and political economy to investigate the interrelated processes of a natural resource network.