Christoph Kimmich

Christoph Kimmich - University Professor -  profile photo

Research Interests

  • Modern Germany; European Diplomatic History

Selected Publications

  • Editor, Handbooks on European Diplomatic History, 1918-1945. 5 vols. (1981-84). Second edition, 7 vols., 1991.

  • German Foriegn Policy, 1918-1945:  A Guide to Research and Research Materials.  Scholarly Resources, Inc., Wilmington, Del., 1981.  Second edition, revised and enlarged, 1991

  • Germany and the League of Nations (1976)

  • The Free City: Danzig and German Foreign Policy 1919-1934 (1968)


  • "Trawling for Leaders: Campus Leadership Development at Brooklyn College."  Liberal Education, November/December 1992
  • "Germany and the League of Nations." The League of Nations in Retrospect", Berlin/New York, 1983