Christopher Schmidt

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Research Interests

  • Twentieth-Century American Literature; Modern and Postmodern Poetry and Poetics; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Technology and the Humanities; Ecocriticism; Composition and Rhetoric; Computers and Composition


Affiliated Campus(es)

  • LaGuardia Community College

Courses Taught in MALS: MALS 70000 - Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies


Books and Chapbooks

  • The Poetics of Waste: Queer Excess in Stein, Ashbery, Schuyler, and Goldsmith. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 224 pages.

  • Thermae (poetry chapbook). New York: EOAGH, 2012.

  • The Next in Line (poetry). Raymond, New Hampshire: Slope Editions, 2008. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Vik Muniz’s ‘Pictures of Garbage.’ and the Aesthetics of Poverty.” ArtMargins 6:3 (October 2017): 8–27.

  • “Andy Warhol’s Problem Project: The Time Capsules.” Postmodern Culture 26:1 (2015).

  • “The Utopian Textures and Civic Commons of Lisa Robertson’s Soft Architecture.” In Reading the Difficulties: Dialogue with Contemporary Innovative American Poetry. Ed. Thomas Fink and Judith Halden-Sullivan. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2014. 146–56.

  • “The Queer Nature of Waste in John Ashbery’s The Vermont Notebook.” Arizona Quarterly 68:3 (Autumn 2012): 71-102.

  • “The New Media Writer as Cartographer.” Computers and Composition 28: 34 (Dec. 2011): 303-314.

  • “‘Baby, I am the garbage’: James Schuyler’s Taste for Waste." Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 10/11 (2009): 57-73.

  • “‘From A to B and Back Again’: Warhol, Writing, Recycling.” Intervalles 3/4 (F2008/W2009): 794-809.

  • “Kenneth Goldsmith’s Waste-Management Poetics." SubStance 32. No. 2 (2008): 25-40.

  • Special issue: “Waste and Abundance: The Measure of Consumption.”

  • “‘Viciousness in the Powder Room’: Camp, Misogyny, and the Erotics of Collaboration in Phoebe 2002.Canadian Poetry 60 (Fall/Winter 2007–2008): 68-85.

Selected Reviews and Journalism

  • Review of Tirza True Latimer’s Eccentric Modernisms: Making Differences in the History of American Art. (Oakland: University of California Press, 2017. 183 pgs.) Art Bulletin 100:1 (2018): 175-77.

  • Review of Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies: Essays Near Knowing. {A Reckoning.} Bookforum. July 5, 2016.

  • “The New Spectator.” Review of Rebekah Rutkoff’s The Irresponsible Magician. Bookforum 23:1 (Apr/May 2016): 57.

  • “Why Are Dystopian Films on the Rise Again?” JSTOR Daily. 19 Nov 2014. 

  • “Writing on the Wall: Graffiti Artists Os Gêmeos Reimagine Urban Space.” Time magazine. (13 Aug 2012): 58-59.

  • “The Practice of Everyday Life: Gertrude Stein’s Stanzas.” Boston Review. 20 June 2012.

  • “Natural Experiments: Embracing Poetry’s Failure.” Review of Peter Gizzi’s Threshold Songs. Boston Review 37:2 (March-April 2012): 68-71.

About Professor Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt is the author of two books: a critical study, The Poetics of Waste: Queer Excess in Stein, Ashbery, Schuyler, and Goldsmith, and the poetry collection The Next in Line. Recent publications include peer-reviewed articles on Vik Muniz’s Pictures of Garbage and Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules; his writings have also appeared in Bookforum, Boston Review, Tin House, Postmodern Culture, ArtMargins, SubStance, JSTOR Daily, and Time magazine. He is currently drafting a critical-creative study on representations of Brazilian landscape and urban space in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and the designs of Roberto Burle Marx. Since joining CUNY, he has been a faculty fellow at both the Center for Humanities and the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics. From 2015 to 2018, he was co-PI for an NEH Humanities Initiative at LaGuardia Community College on Global Cities. In addition to twentieth-century literature and critical theory, his research interests include gender and sexuality studies, environmental humanities, new materialisms, visual culture, and interarts collaboration.

Christopher Schmidt - Professor -  profile photo


Affiliated Campus(es)

  • LaGuardia Community College