Chucai Yi

Chucai Yi headshot alumni

Graduated: 2014

In Fall 2009 when I got a master degree in communication and information engineering, I was supposed to start my job in a company. However, I did not enter industrial field then but chose to enter PhD program in Department of Computer Science at The Graduate Center City University of New York (CUNY-GC). In September 2014, I was awarded PhD degree in computer science, accomplishing this challenging and rewarding journey. The 5-year PhD study largely deepens my knowledge of computer science, improves my ability to solve practical problems, and contributes much to my career.

Professor Ying-Li Tian as my mentor offered me the valuable opportunity of carrying out research work in the field of computer vision. I worked as research assistant in Professor Tian’s research lab for five years. She is an active researcher in computer vision field, and can always guide us to correct research direction. During my PhD study, I published more than 20 papers in high impact academic journals and conferences. It was Professor Tian’s support and patience that helped me grow into a qualified researcher.

The faculty members in CS program of CUNY-GC are internationally recognized scholars with extraordinary achievements in their areas of expertise. For example, Professor Robert Haralick’s research areas overlap my research areas, and he has a series of contributions regarded as milestones in computer vision field. Professor Noson Yanofsky’s course gave me much deeper understanding of the theories of computer science since I was from information engineering program. Besides, I was inspired by the courses taught by Professor Andrew Rosenberg, Professor Victor Pan, Professor Ioannis Stamos, and Professor Mel Fitting. They did not just list knowledge points, but gave their special insight into the whole picture of the knowledge. All professors and staffs I met here are easy-going and helpful.

From both courses and researches, I got the chance of systematically learning the knowledge of computer science and its related disciplines, from theoretical level to practical application. 

Apart from the faculty with high level of expertise, I could always find many other resources in CUNY-GC and CS program. The first benefit is that the building of CUNY-GC is located at the heart of Manhattan New York City. It looks like a museum either from the perspective of outside shape or from the perspective of inside decoration. I usually enjoyed myself when I stayed on the sofa of the library and looked at the pedestrians and cars outside the windows. Of course I have never been disturbed by noise outside because of the soundproof walls or windows.

After I graduated from CS program of CUNY-GC in June 2014, I joined Amazon corporate as computer vision software engineer. My work was to develop a smart video surveillance system for Amazon fulfillment centers. In July 2015, I joined HERE North America Nokia as senior research engineer, working on the reconstruction and refinement of road features in street view.