Derek Tesser

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Research Interests

  • Applying remote sensing and modeling to explore spatial and temporal variability in ecosystems.

Dissertation Topic: HIs doctoral work is focused on the integration of satellite remote sensing data products into hydrological models that inform the New York City water supply.

As an instructor of Science, Dereck has taught STEM courses at Guttman Community College since the college opened in 2012. More recently he has been involved with the development of the Global Guttman study abroad program. He has led student field expeditions to the Chocó rainforest in Ecuador to study endemic species, biodiversity indicators, and deforestation related to the region's changimg ecosystem dynamics. His broader research is in the field of terrestrial ecosystem remote sensing. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences at CUNY Graduate Center and is conducting research at the Ecosystem Science Lab at City College.