Eder Herrera Estrella

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Research Interests

  • Validate satellite sensor in coastal waters.

Advisor: Alex Gilerson

Eder Herrera Estrella is a Ph.D. student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department at the Graduate Center. He received his BS and MS in Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering from the City College of New York (CCNY). Eder began to work with Professor Alex Gilerson in 2015; moreover, he is honored to be an NOAA-EPP CREST Scholar. Eder’s research is aim to validate satellite sensor, especially in coastal waters. To meet his goals, he uses AERONET-OC data and hyperspectral sensing data. Being part of professor Gilerson’s working group and NOAA-CREST, Eder has experimented academic, social and fieldwork. Some of these experiences are his participation in the VIIRS calibration/validation cruise sponsored by NESDIS, NOAA, HIRE/BRIDGE program, and participation in conferences such as AGU, SPIE, OSOS. Furthermore, his skills are focus on handling software and coding such as Matlab, Python, R, and ArcGIS along with Microsoft office. The interest of Eder is in the conservation of natural resources and considers that remote sensing is one of the most fundamental tools for a scientist. Therefore, remote sensing continuous improvement is necessary for the safety and trust of people who use these products. Moreover, he is always eager to learn and work. He can be contacted at eherrera@gradcenter.cuny.edu.