Itsue Nakaya-Pérez

itsue nakaya perez

Itsue Nakaya-Pérez is a philosophy PhD student at The Graduate Center. They did their undergraduate studies at UNAM in Mexico City,  where they were also a fellow student at the Institute for Philosophy Research. They work in the areas of social ontology, philosophy of psychiatry, feminist philosophy, and decolonial philosophy. Their work focuses on the categorization of human beings and its interaction with context, cognition, and identity. Particularly, they are interested in the relationship between the self and the natural or social kinds we are members of. On the one hand, classifying appears to be an inevitable human practice and a fundamental cognitive tool to understand the world; on the other, it constrains our experience of it and could lead to different injustices. They focus on this tension as well as on practices of resistance towards oppressive classificatory systems. Itsue believes in a philosophy that is in touch with the community and its current problems. So, besides their academic and educational work, Itsue is committed to activities that facilitate this involvement. In their free time, they enjoy doing and watching sports, hanging out with friends, playing with animals, and writing poetry.