John Zayac

John Zayac outside

Research Interests

  • Volcanology; Igneous Systems; Magma Dynamics; Mineral and Fluid Inclusions; Eruption Triggers.

Dissertation Topic: John Zayac uses a combination of field, laboratory, and fluid dynamic methods to investigate volcanic systems.

Advisor: Marc-Antoine Longpré

John Zayac joined the research group of Professor Marc-Antoine Longpré at Queens College in 2015, where he is working on using geochemical methods and melt and fluid inclusions to investigate the dynamics of compositionally zoned eruptions. Prior to joining the CUNY system, John conducted research in high-pressure mineral physics at UC Santa Cruz and magma transport properties at UC Santa Barbara. Prior to relocating to New York City, John served as an Associate Professor of Geology at Los Angles Pierce College, where his focus was on developing field and lab-based research experiences for community college students interested in transferring to university in STEM fields.