Juan Liu

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I spent six years and a half pursuing my doctoral degree at GC. My first year was mostly spent attending classes and hanging out with friends. In the second year, I started doing research on NLP with my first advisor. In the third year, I switched research groups and spent the next 4.5 years working on computer vision and image processing with Prof. Stamos. It has been a long, unpredictable and exciting journey, and I'm sincerely grateful that I made it. It was not always fun, but it made me
wiser and more focused.

GC was the most diverse place I had ever lived. I love the cultural and ethnic diversity of students at GC, so I made a lot of friends from various countries and different majors. I also got a great chance to explore New York City and discover the beauty offered by the most charming city in the world. When sitting on the second floor of GC library, you can even see the Empire State Building standing just a few yards away. Needless to say, I was so happy studying at GC and living in New York.

Pursuing the PhD was like climbing a mountain, but I really enjoyed this fulfilling journey. The most unforgettable part of this journey would be the great professors for whom I will forever be thankful. I have been amazingly fortunate having the best advisor, Dr. Ioannis Stamos, who believed in me and inspired me. My advisor not only showed me the path to greatness but also instilled in me the discipline, strength and patience to overcome the obstacles that littered that path. Other professors, such as Prof. Haralick and Prof. Epstein, also extremely impressed me by demonstrating their care and compassion to students. They would fully support and guide me whenever I turned toward them for advice, even though I was not one of their PhD students. Every time I recalled my life at GC, memories about these amazing professors still shine the brightest.

I always believe that it is what we experienced in the past that shapes who we are today and who we'll become tomorrow. Now I have started my career at Google and have been here for a year. I am currently a software engineer working on Google search infrastructure. Challenges have never stopped. Looking back upon my life as a graduate student at GC, I would say with gratitude that it had been such a rewarding and fulfilling journey that will inspire me forever.
Thank you, GC and our great professors!