Judith Milhous

Judith Milhous - Distinguished Professor and Deputy Executive Officer -  profile photo


  • Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre, Cornell University, 1974.

Major publications include: The Publication of Plays in London, 1660-1800: Playwrights, Publishers, and the Market, with Robert D. Hume, developed from the 2011 Panizzi Lectures at the British Library. Italian Opera in Late Eighteenth-Century London (Clarendon Press, 1995, 2001) vol. 1 with Hume and Curtis Price, vol. 2 with Gabriella Dideriksen and Hume; A Register of English Theatrical Documents, 1660-1737 (with Hume, Southern Illinois University Press, 1991); Producible Interpretation: Eight English Plays, 1675-1707 (with Hume, Southern Illinois University Press, 1985); and Thomas Betterton and the Management of Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1695-1708 (Southern Illinois University Press, 1979). Specializations: British Drama and Theatre, especially 17th-18th century; Theatre History and Historiography.