Junhua Yu

Yu_Junhua headshot alumni

Graduated: 2014

From August 2010 to May 2014, I spent nearly 4 years in the Computer Science Program at The Graduate Center, CUNY as a doctoral student.
After receiving a bachelor’s degree in 2007, I switched from engineering to the field of logic, and have been interested since then in logics whose semantics are about proofs in other logics. Famous instances of such logics include the Provability Logic and the Logic of Proofs.

As a distinguished professor in Computer Science at Graduate Center, Sergei Artemov is a top expert of the former and the exclusive founder of the latter. Wanting to do my Ph.D. under supervision of him is the reason why I applied for Graduate Center.
During my years in Computer Science, Prof. Artemov had given me considerable freedom to schedule my research, and had been always ready to offer suggestions. Under his supervision, I experienced no practical pressure or temptation at all and was able to devote my time to topics with proper importance. In my final phase in the Ph.D. program, he seriously thought of my future academic career, and offered helpful advice.

Professor Melvin Fitting has done much work on justification logic and proof theory of modal logic, from whom I have learned a lot. He is also a wonderful academic lecturer and speaker whose talks are always clear, rhythmic, and enjoyable. I am grateful to instructors of all courses I took, for their efforts and patience that had made their courses accessible for students like me who had not majored in computer science before.

In Computer Science, department staffs were always friendly.  As an international student, I probably asked much more questions and cost much more of their time than an average student did. Their helps made practical aspects of my academic progress less challenging than expected.
With all these supervisions, suggestions, supports, and helps from people in Computer Science as well as the whole Graduate Center community, my years doing doctoral study and research were peaceful and fruitful. As a result, I was able to get a position in Tsinghua, one of the top universities in China. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a doctoral position in logic to take Computer Science at Graduate Center CUNY into a serious consideration.

My best regards to you and all people in CS,

俞珺华 Yu, Junhua