Justin Storbeck

Justin Storbeck - Associate Professor -  profile photo

Research Interests

  • Affective Valence and Cognition
  • Emotion
  • EEG and Prefrontal Asymmetries
  • Emotion and Cognition Interactions


  • Ph.D., University of Virginia

Dr. Storbeck runs the Queens Affective Neuroscience Laboratory. The laboratory investigates the cognitive costs and benefits of emotions using the brain imaging technique of EEG, creating a visual window into neural activity during emotional states and cognitive tasks. Dr. Storbeck is specifically interested in seeing how emotional states change brain activation patterns (e.g., prefrontal asymmetries) and whether the different activation patterns can predict cognitive performance. The lab currently has multiple ongoing projects designed to answer the following questions: (1) Are certain cognitive tasks (verbal vs. spatial tasks) performed better when in a specific emotional state (happy vs. sad)? And if certain cognitive tasks are enhanced by specific emotional states, does this influence neural efficiency and self-control ability? (2) Does emotional arousal influence evaluations, attitudes and perceptions? For example, if one was emotionally aroused or stressed, would they form stronger attitudes and heightened perceptions? (3) How do emotional states influence thinking and memory? Specifically, can emotional states guide how we learn new information, and as a result influence memory for better and sometimes for worse?