K.C. Johnson

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Research Interests

  • American History


  • Ph.D. Harvard University


Affiliated Campus(es)

  • Brooklyn College

Selected Publications




  • “Vietnam’s Second Front,” roundtable, H-DIPLO.

  • "Did Nixon Commit Treason in 1968? What the New LBJ Tapes Reveal," History News Network.

  • "The Duke Lacrosse Case and the Blogosphere," Law and Contemporary Problems 71 (2008): 155-170.

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  • "The Unexpected Consequences of Congressional Activism: The Clark and Tunney Amendments and U.S. Policy toward Angola," Diplomatic History 27 (2003): 215-243.

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  • "Constitutionalism at Home and Abroad: The United States Senate and the Alliance for Progress, 1961-1967," International History Review 21 (1999): 414-442.

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  • "The Origins of Dissent: Senate Liberals and Southeast Asia, 1959-1964," Pacific Historical Review 65 (1996): 249-275.

  • "The 'Lessons' of Vietnam," Journal of American-East Asian Relations 4 (1995): 291-298.

  • "Article XI in the Debate on the United States' Rejection of the League of Nations," International History Review 15 (August 1993): 502-524.

  • "Ernest Gruening and the Tonkin Gulf Resolution: Continuities in American Dissent," Journal of American-East Asian Relations 2 (Summer 1993): 111-135.

  • "The Transformation of Pan-Americanism," in On Cultural Ground, pp. 173-196.

K.C. Johnson - Professor -  profile photo


Affiliated Campus(es)

  • Brooklyn College